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19 yr old looking for fun

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Screenshot via Untouchable Shawna is a year-old woman who is legally prohibited from taking her kids to the park.

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That's because she's a sex offender. Years earlier, on her 19th birthday, Shawna and her friends were drinking and celebrating.

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A teen boy expressed interest in her, and they slept together. He turned out to be 14 years old.

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His mother notified the authorities. Now Shawna is spending the rest of her life on the sex offender registry, even though the mother of two is obviously no threat to children. I challenge anyone to watch the interview embedded below and not feel heartbroken for Shawna.

This is a woman who made a mistake as a teenager—with another teenager—and will be paying for it the rest of her life. Employers have fired her when they learned about her status. Shawna's story is just one more example of why sex offender registries are cruel and unjust.

For every truly dangerous predator on the list, there are countless others who carry the "sex offender" label because they sexted a fellow teen or failed to realize they were hooking 19 yr old looking for fun with someone on the wrong side of the age-of-consent line. These people are very unlikely to reoffend, so there's little practical reason to continue shaming them by maintaining a public list of their names.

19 yr old looking for fun

Editor's Note: We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. Comments do not represent the views of Reason. We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time. Report abuses. Crusty Juggler - Lawbertarian 9. BestUsedCarSales 9. You forgot to switch your sock before posting.

I am choosing to believe that over the horror of knowing you refer to yourself 19 yr old looking for fun the third person. Citizen X - 6 9. These sexual registries and restrictions on prior 19 yr old looking for fun offenders are unconstitutional.

Not only is there zero authority in the Constitution for the federal government to have these law, Ladies looking nsa Springfield Massachusetts 1103 constitutions have ex post facto restrictions and I cannot think of a single lookibg constitution that allow punishment after a sentence is completed. After a person completes their probation, parole, or sentence the state should have zero power over the people being citizens with full rights.

End sexual offender registries dun prohibitions on ex-felons not being able to possess firearms, ammo, and bullet proof vests. Marty Feldman's Eyes 9.

Deep Lurker foor. The 14th Amendment specifically allows the States to prohibit ex-felons from voting. It doesn't require it, and many States do in fact restore voting rights to ex-felons.

Which shows just how worthless the right to vote is, compared to the rights listed in the Bill of Rights.

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BlueStarDragon 9. The felony in questions has to be of treason or similar fkr of crime that is consider close to treason. Robbing 19 yr old looking for fun person at gun point is a felony, but after doing your time you can still vote. However if it's the post office or the president you llooking armed or any kind of robbery of that nature. Then yes, you will lose your right to vote. However if it's the post office or the president you tried armed robbery with or a crime of that nature.

The Federal Farmer They're wil nvr b a day we need to edit Beautiful woman wants hot sex Seaside Heights post.

No matter 19 yr old looking for fun typos, everone nos wat wuz sed. Are branes fill in the missing bits automagically.

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I wishes the bosses at Reason would add a thumbs button or two. Stephen 9. That characterisation is arguably wrong. You have presumably heard of the punishment called "life in prison".

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Once inside the pen your sentence doesn't end until you drop dead. Well, think of being put on the sex offender registry as the equivalent. Instead of being sentenced to life in a jail cell you are handed a sentence to life on the sex offenders' registry. You don't get off unless you drop dead. Meaning, that in the state's eyes people like Shawna have NOT finished serving their sentence--because they have been handed a life sentence.

If legislators had confined the sex offender registries to rapists and child molesters few people would have much of an issue with them. The problem is that they haven't run there.

19 yr old looking for fun Shawna, there yg people on them who should never have been put on those registries in the first place. If that keeps on happening, then one day, like 19 yr old looking for fun asset forfeiture, there will be a groundswell of opposition to end such registries altogether. Malvolio 9.

Answer 1 of 5: I will be 21 in May and my boyfriend is What are some things in STL for us both to have fun at? Would he be able to get into. 'If that dude is 19 then I'm 12': Social media trolls pummel year old arrested for vehicular theft because his mugshot makes him look '40'. Irritated looking man and woman sitting on chairs with their backs together And then finally, FINALLY, I got a date – with a year-old girl I.

Which is an injustice in itself, implying as it does that there are no consequences beyond the oldd to being on such lists. Couldn't agree more. This is where 19 yr old looking for fun little common sense and empathy could make a world of difference. One 19 yr old looking for fun Free sex tonight Gavle that we need to return to trial by jury for some of these types of cases.

With some logicreason, and empathy, a jury is less likely to make these types of mistakes. I recognize I may be singing to the choir here, but aren't someone's rights to travel freely, raise their own children as long as they are not intentionally harming them, and property still worth a trial by jury? UnrepentantCurmudgeon But as in this case, many choose to take a plea even with the RSO condition than to go to trial, fearing that the finding of the jury could be far worse.

And the fact is, tun criminal defense attorneys are really equipped to defend lokoing cases.

Packingham disagreed. See also: Longtobefree 9. You're Kidding 9. The best sell to John Q Public 19 yr old looking for fun showing that these registries not only are completely ineffective at protecting anyone, they actually make people less safe. MarioLanza Lokoing author makes the completely unfounded claim: Similarly, you make the claim that they are "completely ineffective".

Have any data for that assertion? LarryA 3.

Scan through your local list sometime. The "Shawnas" vastly outnumber the dangerous predators.

People who hooked up with a teen decades ago, peed in public, solicited a hooker, sexted, or committed any of dozens of other "sex" crimes, aren't hunting kids, and shouldn't be on the list. For parents, one problem with including them is that the predator is the needle you want to protect kids from, and Shawna is a straw.

The more straws you have in the haystack, the harder it is to find the needle. I would also say y remove the exemption in the FCRA for background checks that reveal information past 10 years. The prohibition against ex post facto laws is a prohibition against making something illegal after the act was done.

So if robbing a bank was not illegal on Monday when you did it, you cannot be prosecuted for 19 yr old looking for fun because the legislature made it Woman seeking sex tonight Hanover Park on Tuesday. The law against statutory lookint was in effect when she did the deed, as was the SOR the plea deal she signed specifically referenced itso there 19 yr old looking for fun no ex post facto situation here.

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Ron 9. AZ Gunowner 9. Elias Fakaname 9. This chick is hot.

Can you just marine what she looked like at 19? I'll bet pounding that was a real E ticket ride.

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MikeTex LarryA 9. In a pissing contest over a fence, neighbor called code enforcement to "force" me 19 yr old looking for fun move a motorhome out of my side yard so he could gain access to my yard and "work on that fence". I had told him to fuck off and do whatever he wanted on his side of the property line and to never, under any circumstances, enter my property.

This left my neighbor pissed. He did build a new fence on his side.

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But foolishly, he built the new fence without a permit and made it seven feet tall. A permit was required and six feet is the height limit.