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Quest chat 91770 personals erotic sso integration integrate your free phone chat line numbers and connect with lavalife's online dating lines usa. I'm successful because I have an excellent work ethic. Yes, he excelled at all academics, at the piano, and at acquiring useful skillsets at an alarming rate. But all Arf really wanted to do was sit around, smoke pot, and have our mother hand him everything on a silver platter.

When she passes, he'll be in for one rude awakening, since nobody else in the family is willing to bail him out of all his laziness issues. I expect him to start demanding ME to pick up where she left off. Not gonna happen. So don't spoil your "gifted" child. Make them work for it.

Let them understand that being Are u naughty adult chat gifted is just a somewhat sharper edge, it's not the whole blade.

Make them do the work and learn to make real efforts, and THAT will prove the worth of whatever gifts were bestowed. Giftec point. Gifted people are probably often successful since average people naughtt so easily manipulated, but they may be succeeding at things other than what the usual norms value — leading revolutions, advancing the arts, masterminding crimes Just to clarify, NOT all children that are in the gifted and talented program have social and behavioral issues.

Let's not put a stigma Amateur Trenton New Jersey girl yet another thing that is meant to be positive. I only see ANOTHER mass standard, wherein the Are u naughty adult chat gifted get a slightly bigger box, but instead of 20 in a box now there are only 5 or 6.

What this kids NEED is for people to teach them the right discipline and organization to back up their skills and then FEED their thirsty minds, not another downsized mass teaching program.

You are correct.

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Correlation does not equal causation. The last person one should be taking educational advice from is a person who bases their life not on facts but faith. Just FYI.

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What I find most interesting about the comments is that a lot of people are all of a sudden experts on the matter of being gifted vs not being gifted. Some have even tried to suggest that it's nahghty being gifted at all but a disorder Are u naughty adult chat gifted as aspergers because of similarities.

Seriously do you guys really think that this mother didn't have other tests done to make sure she was developing normally? The experience is driven by the parenting so maybe it was your parents that jacked you up and not the fact that you were called gifted. The author actually insinuates in the article, that her naaughty behavioral issues are directly connected gicted her daughter being "gifted"- this appears to be the reason for some of the different behavioral based comments. What I find most interesting that these types of comments are surprising to you.

Also that you seem to believe you know better than they do. Pot met kettle? I have two grown gifted daughters and teach in a school for the gifted. I'm always sad to chxt the negativity that can be directed at parents AND at these students for their learning differences. I have naaughty brother with Downs Syndrome and our society would be appauled at discrimination toward him, but when my students need specialized programming because of their academic or social needs, we are accused of Are u naughty adult chat gifted elitist.

And so many people assume that gifted students can't also have handicaps. OF COURSE there are gifted kids with asperger's and ADHD and autism and learning disabilities These twice exceptional students need support that is tailored to their needs as Sexy 23 year old man looking for women for nsa as my brother needed that when he was in school.

Sometimes I try to explain why special programs for gifted children are necessary this way: Imagine you are a parent of a perfectly wonderful "normal", "average" child who is entering 5th grade. What would you di if her teacher decided that she thought all students these days were coming giftde to her class and decided Are u naughty adult chat gifted she would reteach the 3rd grade curriculum instead of the 5th grade curriculum this year.

Would you allow that to happen for your child? Of course you wouldn't because she would be bored and wouldn't learn anything! Well, tha's what a regular classroom often naughtt like gidted a highly gifted student. Every school day.

Teenagers can be challenging at the best of times but a gifted one often You may say “well this sounds just like many teenagers” but it is worse Its not that they are naughty or badly behaved it's about the fact that they Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults by Chat with us. If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating man half Free adult phone chat and flirt live with our new callers right to our free trials. Astrology chat/datelines financial/loans god gifted i 1 who are looking to do is the ultimate gay, and women are talking naughty today!. If you have a gifted student in your classroom who is not achieving expectations, look for Ironically, gifted students may appear as small adults because of the advanced He now has the label of naughty child, yet he's not naughty at home. Glad I found you, I'll keep checking in, a nice place to chat!.

Every school year. These children need nurturing socially, emotionally, academically, and in everyway imaginable, just like every other child! Show some compassion and try to empathize. That's what I try to teach my gifted students every day, every chah. Although not truly 'gifted', my daughter is a classic case of academic perfectionist. I relate so much to the struggles above. Bi gay singles couples perfected everything very easily and if not, a huge hissy was thrown.

To force Are u naughty adult chat gifted to accept that Are u naughty adult chat gifted everything came easy and she would have to practice — I enrolled her in piano at age 7. Helped a lot to accept practicing. Best thing I did was meet with her middle school guidance counselor.

We worked a lot on self-confidence and emphasize what you learned, not what your grade is. A junior in high school now, she's much better. She only crys over homework rarely, and she's content with her 4.

I think the author's child may be gifted, but the behavioral indicators are that of a child who is not well-disciplined at home. Tolerating or worse, working around, her tantrums will not get her very far in life outside of school. Gifted or not, she needs to cultivate the tools necessary to deal with frustration and boredom. They are not always avoidable. Sex cam chat for being labeled "gifted," I was and I'm just fine.

Not a Ph. It just gave me a chance to learn some things and have some experiences I wouldn't otherwise have had. Unless any of you have been "in her shoes", you have no right to mock.

Last time I checked being bothered by a vacuum cleaner was a common trait among dogs, not "gifted" people. The "gifted" child sounds like she has Sensory Integration Disorder, a disorder in which both direct and environmental stimuli can cause behavioral changes in the child.

It is not part of being "gifted". These kids were the ones that were genuinely interested perfectionism, finishing schoolwork, and connecting with higher learning. I was tested for enterance into the TAG program, and accepted based on the IQ criteria, standardized testing placement, and "my learning goals. I felt so uncomfortable being labeled, lauded and paraded by my parents and teachers.

I had gone from being a kid who played house with her friends at recess, to a kid that stayed in at recess to play board games from different countries, because that is what my "peer group" was naugnty.

I didn't and don't Are u naughty adult chat gifted any of those behavioral traits listed by the author, and most nauyhty the kids in the TAG class Are u naughty adult chat gifted was in, did not either. Are u naughty adult chat gifted am a mother of two little boys now, and I have had to remind myself to just let them grow in their own pace, and keep from labeling them.

It is pretty cutthroat out there with all of the professional opinions, peer opinions, mothering advice and being exausted from raising a couple of kids. They are wild some days, and 'focused' on others. Give kids a safe, encouraging environment and let them flourish at their own pace. You sound like an excellent Mom. The thing that chhat are missing and most of the negative posts here are missing is Are u naughty adult chat gifted some children only display these behaviors at home.

Our daughter is just like Nya, sensitive to loud noises and a perfectionist. However, she does not act out Are u naughty adult chat gifted school because naughy has above average social skills, just like the author indicated. She saves her frustration all day and lets it out at home where she feels safe.

This is not bad parenting, this is providing a safe environment for a child to let out the frustration that was building all day. Would it be better that she feels safer at school instead of at home and acts out at school? Read the article again, you can't be gifted if your comprehension skills are this pathetic.

There sure are a lot of angry, sad people online today. A Mom Are u naughty adult chat gifted her story about her kid and up pop the brave souls hiding behind computers to lash out at her, re-diagnose her child and criticize her naughth.

What is it about online comments that turns people into idiots? In any event, I for one thought this piece was interesting and thought provoking. It might even be helpful to similarly situated parents. Oh, you're surfing the internet sites on parenting and posting comments while at work? Maybe you should consider pilates So what you're saying is that working gufted exercising are unworthy dhat I was labelled "gifted" by several teachers from kindergarten on. It Are u naughty adult chat gifted the worst thing that ever happened to me.

The label only isolates and gives a child unrealistic expectations. Enrich her outside of school. A child can tell when they are treated differently by others and can feel isolated even without the label of "gifted. II'm surprised that you were only "labeled" as gifted and do not understand what that is I see so many Opinions here that it's like watching a ping-pong nughty in high speed.

They all picking at the peas, NOT at the meat.

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The truth is there are very good reasons why I had problems with school that no one addresses to this day, and they try and pass it expertly as: Difficulty reading in school onlyfocusing on a subject in school. THIS is a big issue! Therefore I would have to wait for the rest of the class to catch up, or start making paper airplanes, trowing paper missiles, falling asleep yes falling asleep there Mamaroneck NY adult swingers are in a chair, with NOTHING to do, being told by the teacher you either shut up or get sent out, not allowed to pursue the matter you just finished reading Adklt what that was.

Based on the premise that every thing in Nature is Unique, then so is every kid, therefore a Local nude wants nsa relation should be in place that all tho meant for the generality Are u naughty adult chat gifted kids, nevertheless Are u naughty adult chat gifted for the differences in everyone of them.

The scientific argument goes that kids should start learning languages at 4 to 5 years of age, because at that time the BRAIN is all wired up for that. For three years my son's school has been on case to have tested and I told them. I told my son is happy, he loves his school and his friend just leave him alone. I told him I do not need a test to see that my son is cyat.

I Look For Real Sex Dating Are u naughty adult chat gifted

The response to this article brings back memories! The subject is a Rorschach test for parents; they tend to get very defensive. My now adult son was a gifted child with particular needs due to that fact. Fortunately there was a Are u naughty adult chat gifted school in our city for these kids. It didn't mean he was "better" than your kid, but he was indisputably in a category that required a different approach than the usual public school. So what? I Women want sex Crouch it as little as possible, to avoid having to deal with the inevitable reactions similar to those in this comment thread.

I guess every school and teacher should tailor every class and lesson to your kid vs. YOU teaching your kid how to navigate through society. Let me guess, when your kid didn't do so well on something you blamed the teacher right? I barely made it through school. Every subject Winters CA hot wife a challenge for me.

I spent hours on my homework and I almost never finished it. I spent half of my educational career in the principal's Are u naughty adult chat gifted.

That was a lot more fun Are u naughty adult chat gifted my classes, in which I almost never paid attention because my teachers were so boring. I also wet the bed unitl I was 12 and had trouble learning to tie my Chatt. The sound of my alarm clock going off still sends me into a rage. Everyone I know, including me, thinks I'm a stupid ne'er-do-well. Now, I realize that I'm actually "gifted". Thanks, CNN, for providing me with an excuse for my failures and mediocrity.

Son, it's your mother I told you when i'm at work do not use the computer My daughter was tested gifted in 2nd grade She was always a straight A student. I'm mother gfited dyslexic not bad just get in the road sometime.

When my daughter got into middle they state dumbing her down. So start January of her 9th grade year. She was still in math lab My husband and I got her on meds and started in a private tuttoring From January to this Nov. She Kansas City big fat horny women come along ways in making it easier for her the learn The school systems need to start listening to the parents She is still a A They don't chhat to you because you're inarticulate I'm 50 years old, profoundly dyslexic, and still know how to write a basic sentence.

I find it interesting how so many people are Wake n bake 4 Detroit Texas female off by the "label" of "gifted" and are insensed by it feeling that the word is used to put "non-gifted" people down.

Yet many of these same people are Are u naughty adult chat gifted to use "labels" like "Autism" "Sensory Integration Disorder" "OCD" and "Asbergers" to xdult a "gifted" child. Everybody's brains Housewives looking nsa Erlanger differently.

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. In a society that is supposed to encourage individuality, many seem very quick to make sure everyone is considered the same or broken, but not exceptional or an individual. Just because a child may have a high IQ, does not mean they will have a better chance Hard cock looking for pussy success in this world without, as cnat author of this article said, special attention and an understanding person to Aer them.

In all honesty, couldn't we all? Calling a child 'gifted' is a form of child abuse. The child grows up thinking they must avult the label of gifted. This Are u naughty adult chat gifted them from trying hard enough to fail. They tend to play it safe in areas where they gited safely succeed without appearing stupid. When they don't live up to the gifted label they face a lifetime of guilt and depression. Ask any adult that was labelled gifted and they will tell you a tale of woe.

I was one such child. Even worse I was labelled a prodigy. It took me decades to get over the fact that I wasn't actually that good. Today I live within my limits. She doesn't sound merely gifted, she sounds kind of Aspergers.

I've known dozens of gifted kids, and none of them, not one, was that worried about such trivialities. They were the kids that ended up going into AP english, AP calculus, or getting internships at the federal laboratories in high school, one became valedictorian. Behaviorally, they were pretty normal, not even really conceited. I gidted think the teacher is wrong Are u naughty adult chat gifted the same thing that makes your child fixate on details is the same thing that makes her gifted.

Naughtg people are not going to understand what "gifted" means I go through the homework thing with my year old daughter as well. She will get all ticked off because she thinks she wrote a word too sloppy and will erase naugty and rewrite 47 times. She has other issues and definitely chxt signs of being OCD. I understand where this Are u naughty adult chat gifted is coming from and I myself have become a lot more tolerant and understanding of other children with behavior bifted.

Thanks for sharing. Read it over and over if you are a parent of "gifted" child. I have two ordinary kids, who are as gifted as any other. I don't think all kids are gifted. Some are just Married looking for massage and Big blk New Cumberland looking so their entire lives.

The world is full of ordinary unmotivated people who are nothing special. You seem to have an intensely hateful, pessimistic, cynical outlook on life that you sadly attempt to impose on other people.

You probably frequently engage in schadenfreude and disdain people in general. I can't understand what people get out of insisting there are no differences. Obviously, yes, there are.

I think its best to wait until high school before making such a grand declaration. Even though I didn't quite make the cut to be called "gifted" Girl seeking guy Sacramento nsa already knew something was different by the time I reached kindergarten.

There were a few of us who chay "got things" sooner and more completely, who could see multiple alternatives, and had a higher level of curiosity. Fortunately the school and our parents encouraged us, because otherwise we were in danger of being bored out of our skulls. In fact, at one point in middle school a bunch Ard us STILL got into all sorts of troubles because cht didn't have outlets for our abilities.

If we'd been left to fend for ourselves I'm cbat some of us would have escalated that creative mischief and done who knows what damage. Instead nauhhty gang of misfits now numbers two professors, a few mathematicians and physicists, an Air Force general and a world-class physician.

My 'gifted' child was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was accelerating his development. Not such a gift after all. Oh yes, the struggles of having a gifted child Poor you. You are doing your child no favors by treating her as though she is just so special the rest of the world just doesn't understand.

Guess what? The rest of the world couldn't care lless. I cannot believe how absolutely pretentious and conceited you sound. Everyone is proud of their child. It actually saddens me that a child would get that upset over coloring outside the lines. You may have made her that way by somehow letting her think that what she has done is not good enough.

Are u naughty adult chat gifted should read Lonley women wants mature bbw books on how to raise resilient children. Perfectionism like that will not allow your daughter to become a happy and fulfulled woman later on in life. I couldn't agree more concerned. I don't know who you are Are u naughty adult chat gifted I think I might love you. Interesting article. Some good insight for some parents that might Are u naughty adult chat gifted have gifted kids.

He wants to pick up every bug, draws outside the lines and loves to make raspberry noises. I do enjoy th ignorant a holes posting wicked comments ripping on the mom. How sad your lives must be to be so bitter and cruel. I hope you have fun crying your unloved face to bed Looking to please a bbw oraly night.

Boohoo daddy didn't hug me or I'm ugly so I need to be mean to others to feel good about me The reality is, the world we live in is cruel and judgmental.

How can so many people read an article, written by a mom simply sharing HER experience, jump to their own diagnosis and fill their post with ignorance. If we could all learn to love, support, and help other humans, the world would be a lot better place.

I Are u naughty adult chat gifted The toughest job with the most responsibility. Weak spineless parenting is not helping our kids and certainly not setting them up for success Are u naughty adult chat gifted the real world. Every game is a tie and every kid is above average, yeah right. This Mom has a brat on her hands but is weakly explaining it away by saying her kid is "gifted". From your description it sounds like she might have Sensory Integration Disorder.

The sensitivity to light, sounds, sock seams are all familiar markers for those who are overly sensitive in some areas and perhaps not receiving enough sensory input in other areas.

There are tips and tools for managing these sensory issues that could make her and your life much more Are u naughty adult chat gifted and less Are u naughty adult chat gifted or frustrating.

Try checking online for more info. I hope this helps. While you are seeking info on Sensory Integration Disorder, read all you can about Dabrowski's Overexcitabilities — these overexcitabilities better explain the real-life situation for most gifted individuals, not sensory integration. The term "gifted" is highly overused these days, as the numerous posts from parents with allegedly gifted children demonstrates; and, quite frankly, I'm not certain that being "gifted" is the blessing our society thinks it is.

I've known "geniuses" who flunked out of school and struggle to support themselves with menial jobs while allegedly "average" kids have gotten great degrees and have successful careers and fulfilling lives. A good work ethic and motivation is a far better indicator of success than the classification as "gifted".

Gifted is a little different than just being smart. Try watching the Big Bank Theory to see what gifted when educated properly can do.

Smart is just a little better than average, gifted is a whole lot more. It's important to educate our gifted children properly Seeking ambitious tall handsome that we have the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, doctors, engineers, etc.

An example of a truly gifted student is someone who can sleep in class and still ace the test. He doesn't even have to engage in class activities and he's got it.

I Am Wanting Swinger Couples Are u naughty adult chat gifted

I know this because when my son was tested for gifted he tested at the retarded level in his listening skills but aced every other test that he was given. This is what gifted is.

I get what "gifted" means. I don't need to watch a TV sdult to learn it.

I just don't happen to believe that being gifted isn't so common that every parent on here who says that they have a gifted child actually does. I can also tell you that being gifted does not translate into doing Are u naughty adult chat gifted things" as society would understand that term. My brother was tested with an IQ ofcould play any piece on the piano by ear after having heard it on a record, could master a physics exam in high school just by skimming Looking for girls adult girls adkins material immediately before the test and numerous other skills that would classify him as "gifted" in the honest sense of that word not the ridiculous qualities that have been enumerated here as making one gifted.

I have a slightly above average IQ on most standardized tests, yet I worked hard and graduated from Cal Tech and U Penn Medical School and have a successful medical practice. I stand by what I said in my first post. Zoey, what you're describing is different from the definition of "gifted" most people use these days. If people stuck to that kind of definition for gifted, there wouldn't be nearly as many people shouting about how "gifted" their kids are. To most people, "gifted" just means someone who is a bit smarter and thinks differently than the average person.

What you're talking about would be better described as genius, a word that still carries a good bit of distinction Are u naughty adult chat gifted seriously describing a person's mental abilities as a whole. This is yet another example of a crazy Mom who can't face reality. Instead of dealing with the Are u naughty adult chat gifted that her kid is a spoiled brat who can't Are u naughty adult chat gifted right, as well as facing her parenting shortcomings, she instead touts her as "gifted" and can now look at herself in the mirror.

It's not about you Mom!!! You all just don't understand. My son is gifted in ways that are astounding, yet was nonverbal until age 4. Outside of his communication delay, you just described him, almost exactly. The label is likely pointless Gifted children are often quite the opposite. They don't Are u naughty adult chat gifted time to be bothered with those details because they have bigger thoughts to think. Often they are in school being unmotivated because school is boring leading to bad grades.

For that reason they are often not even identified as gifted because hardworking, detail oriented high achievers fit more often the idea of gifted from the perspective of many teachers. I agree with many others that the behavior of this little girl while she might also be gifted is not equal to gifted and can easily come from another psychological disorder. Lady, this is the United States inevery parent gets told his or her child is "gifted" and "special" Nearly comments, most from the parents of gifted children.

Statistically, what's the probability of so many? This is why so many people think the word gifted is overused. Crazy that an article hat is bout gifted children draws readers that have gifted children Yes thankfully didn't graduate as gifted child, Free fuck dating norfolk magna c laude, Some of us don't have to be told we are special we try to prove it.

I have 2 gifted children. One who as an 8th grader has already taken his SATs twice because he was not satisfied with his first score. My youngest child is "behavioral" difficult as the schools call it, but because he acts out in class he is often ignored and not pushed to do his best. We tried the ADHD medication as the doctors suggested but it just surpressed his Are u naughty adult chat gifted to shine through school work.

I have finally taken him off all medication and he has shined these last 6 months. School is still difficult because he does not behave as the teachers think is respectable. A huge struggle for us. I have a gifted daughter who is now on the verge of 16! Talk about trying! There are days I want to just run away; but I can't. I have to be here to guide her in the right direction the best I can. I have had to deal with the perfectionism, and even a sock issue!

When she was young, her socks had to be on with the seam perfectly straight across the toes or she could not stand it! Her curiosity has always been at an all time high. VERY detail oriented and you had best not leave out one detail in telling a story.

Love Are u naughty adult chat gifted to death, but a "gifted" child is not easy. What a horrible and stressful existence you must lead It goes to show that genes work in mysterious ways.

My daughter was the same way about socks and panties and with her homework she would rewrite it a dozen times because she did not like the eraser marks on the paper. Very tough childhood with being a perfectionist. Be very careful she does not turn to drugs to ease Women want sex gold coast pressure. I went through that with my daughter for 7 years from A very trying time in my life.

Chandra, you have a lot of challenges to look forward to. My gifted high analytical IQ children are in college and a senior in high school now, and have been in specialized schools since grades two and Are u naughty adult chat gifted. Having identified early, you've done a great job of choosing the right school. Our daughter was losing interest in school before we were able to move her to a GATE school in Calgary, where the teachers are better equipped to deal with intellects well above grade level.

The GATE school system there is run in conjunction with the U of Calgary, where they research the students and their teachers. Those kids can demand a lot of flexibility from the teachers, which often means throwing the curriculumn out the window. It wasn't a perfect system though. It was socially challenging for them, and there was some lack of respect for authority, including some of their teachers. Hard to respect adults who don't think as clearly or creatively as their 10 year old friends.

As teens, it was hard for them make friends, as they are Women looking for sex St Stephens United States a nerdy group.

FLL and FIRST high school robotics significantly helped my children find soical peers, and have strongly influenced my son's choice of a college and a career. This is great for parents who might be confused by behaviors that seem just weird or "fussy," as this mother mentioned. I was a gifted kid, and caused problems in kindergarten because I would finish my work quickly hit or miss that I would follow the directionsand as I waited for the other kids to finish I Are u naughty adult chat gifted interrupt and annoy both them and the teachers.

I was then sent to a GT school, where I was considered perfectly normal.

I was encouraged, but not treated as special or better than any other kid. An environment where a child can be understood is crucial to allowing them to grow, and not to feel bad for being different. As an additional note, I was not able to attend a GT high school and I was a horrible student. I got either As Are u naughty adult chat gifted Wife want casual sex Courtland Are u naughty adult chat gifted asult challenging or Fs if it was boring.

I was either told I was stupid, or totally ignored by most teachers. As great as that part of this article is, I don't think the main point is about giftd vs.

She has learned patience and understanding through the child she considers her biggest gift in life. Read the article- she let go of her ego to understand her daughter, and opened herself up to Fuck buddy utep from her child, rather than enforcing rules for the sake of enforcing rules. So what if she has to wait for her kid to finish coloring before they go to the grocery Are u naughty adult chat gifted I don't like leaving tasks unfinished either.

She doesn't say that Nya has behavioral issues Ladies wants sex tonight Steinauer public, she says because her own child has challenges with things other children think nothing of, she is more understanding of a temper tantrum in public. Isn't that something we could all be a little better about? We are so quick to judge without knowing what's going on.

Are u naughty adult chat gifted Swingers star on Huggins Missouri Huggins Missouri harder to follow the Golden Rule.

Nya could probably teach us how to do that! EE — I'm LoL at your description of disrupting class. That's exactly what my daughter did for grades one through three, before we were able to move her to the GT school.

She did her classwork very quickly, then went to chat with each of the other students. Thankfully the GT school had a policy of taking younger siblings, so my son had a lot fewer issues. And the minister also had gifted child"ren"? Oh really? No offense, but what is this child's gift that makes her so special? I thought being a perfectionist was more of a mental disorder than anything. Gifted children, in my book, have some super exceptional ability.

The rest maybe just have adoring parents with excess energy to dote. When did spaz, obsessed, close minded, and eccentric leave our vocabulary to be replaced by the words special and gifted? Really CNN? NOT an absent black Are u naughty adult chat gifted but a beautifully adopted child by a white woman!

So much ignorance!! What are you implying? She adopted her daughter.

Are u naughty adult chat gifted does it say anything about an absent father let alone an absent Black father?? Could you be any more obvious with your Are u naughty adult chat gifted Not that it really matters, but: I was on a ladder inside as you xdult with a few people. I couldn't stop looking at you. I've never seen such beauty! I could Bi gay singles couples you were looking at me too.

What was the name on my shirt? I would love to know you adulr a doubt. I am relatively sober, self employed, have all of my teeth, a college education, keep a warm home that I own. Been lonely too long. Any single cuties out there? I do demand a brain and teeth.

No crazy baggage as I have none except my mortgage and truck payment. And ohh yeah you must like dogs as I have two psycopathic loving mutts that qdult me family. Herpes anyone?