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Is there a such thing as friends I Am Search Real Dating

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Is there a such thing as friends

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There is no such thing as true friendship.

Feb 14, Messages: Anyone agree? No matter how 'close' you consider a friend there is always possibility of being stabbed in the back, when you need others the most they become as distant and cold as ever, no sobbing just raw facts, we are animals conditioned to believe otherwise, but we are just as wild as any.

Jul 27, Messages: True friendship definitely exists. Sometimes even if people part ways they can say that the person they spent time with was once their friend. Jun 9, Messages: Jan 30, Messages: I don't think I have any true friends that aren't relatives, the rest are sadly an exchange of benefits that last as long as the benefits do.

Jan 23, Messages: True sich is more like family IMO. The people you treat like family. You don't get too many in this life though, I've probably had and I'm My view is that I am complete and have no need to stay, BUT my ultimate goal for staying is to complete my son, to have him become a man, and I have nothing to hold on Is there a such thing as friends then.

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Iw have close family, like 5 people including my son, that only goes so far Mar 2, Messages: Nov 6, Messages: Truth is true friendship is nothing compared to bonds found in family's.

I'm not talking about just blood bonds, if you grew up with someone or basically went through everything a family would, then they're family.

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If you were abandoned by your parents and met them 20 years later, they're not thign, they're nothing to you. But the people you grew up with are everything.

Point here is that friends are simply friends. You can rate them in importance, such as your "true friends", but in the end, they're still friends and come with the same risks.

Mar 28, Messages: FontaineAug 16, I don't know I definitely feel like I have a true friend and I know he can say the same for me.

Saying thers is no such thing as true friendship is like saying there is no such thing as true love. You reap what you sow.

This thread made me think back to an old friend I used to have. This guy lived on the stoners river in the sand dunes where we'd go smoke bowls back in the high school days.

We all used to smoke him out but I took some time to get to know the guy. It was the first time he'd ridden in a vehicle in a decade. IDK what the morale of the story is but i'll be a friend to anyone.

Jun 27, Messages: Jun 16, Messages: I have true friends and I am a real friend May 26, Messages: You guys are some heartless fuckers. I have friends that I would literaly trust with my life because they've been there ax I'll be there for them. I still catch up with my mate from junior school and we can just chill and be perfectly happy doing nothing.

If you define a friendship as an exchange of benefits then you need to socialise more man. Aug 16, Messages: I'm ghing believer in true friendship. I have had friends that were closer to me than my spouse, and I am fucking in love.

I agree that you have to be a true friend to get them, and maybe you gotta learn to watch out for fuckers. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content.

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