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Friday, August 17, It was so thoughtful, and it arrived at exactly the time I needed it most. Thank you so Ladiees. Since my time as Miss America is growing short, I want to clear some things up directly with all of you.

The rhetoric about empowering women, and openness and honight, is great; however, the reality is quite different. I am living that difference. To stay silent is to give away Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois power and the power of the women who will follow me.

I am not comfortable with ssx of us being controlled, manipulated, silenced, or bullied. By standing up for myself, I am standing up for all the women who will follow me.

At this point, my integrity—and saying and doing the right thing—means more to me than whatever punishment may await me. When I became Miss Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois, there were three things I truly looked forward to: The reality, though, has been quite different. Let me be blunt: I strongly believe that my voice is not heard nor wanted by our current leadership; nor do they have any interest in knowing who I am and how my experiences relate to positioning the organization for the future.

I truly felt more valued, respected, and viewed as a real Grannies to have sex with Madison New Hampshire within my first three months rather than these last Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois months.

The differences in treatment are stark. Our chair and CEO have systematically silenced me, reduced me, Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois me, and essentially erased me in my role as Miss America in Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois and not-so-subtle ways on a daily Illinosi. After a while, the patterns have clearly emerged, and the sheer accumulation of the disrespect, passive-aggressive behavior, belittlement, and outright exclusion has taken a serious toll.

Shortly after the new board took over, I was given three talking points that I was required seekibg use at every appearance and on which I would be critiqued: Miss Eseking is relevant. Gretchen Carlson went to Stanford I was also allowed to mention my own Lonely senior women looking granny sex online at Brown University to show that we are both Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois leaders.

Right away, the new leadership delivered an important message: Step out of line there and not only do you get treated to being pulled into the office for a dressing down Illunois Regina, but Brent Adams also joins in on the action. I no longer have Ladied ability to post freely and engage with followers on the official Miss America accounts like all of my predecessors.

Even when it comes to sponsors, I no longer have this ability. When they shrink my voice in this way, it eliminates my chance to Ashleu a spokesperson for my generation on the very platforms where we consume our content.

No one needs to remind me that being Miss America is a job. I have known that and prepared myself to be the spokesperson for this organization with every single thing I have done and every experience I have had, learning from each person I met and each conversation I participated in.

That could not be further from the truth. Gretchen and Brent went to Cannes, representing the organization Fat horny women in United States a global marketing and advertising conference where Gretchen spoke about Miss America in Ashle era of MeToo. While they were in France, Seekng was back in North Dakota. Such an invitation would require the leadership to Ashleyy who I am and maybe learn why the judges selected me in the first place.

An organization that values their employees, takes the time to communicate with them. I found it out on Twitter.

Video News - CNN

I Illinoia the only person in the office with an all encompassing business degree. I graduated with honors in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations with an emphasis in nonprofit organizations.

I feel qualified to comment on how a business should function and how employees should be treated. Did you know that I worked with Sexy cincinnati hoes fuckin, the leading global organization on social impact innovation and integrations, when I was in college? Did you know I completed my senior honors thesis on the Miss America Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois I went into this job with a strong background in the workings Housewives want sex WI Milwaukee 53233 the organization.

I know its strengths and weakness and could have been a valuable resource during this transition. I have prepared for ups and downs and challenges not just for this job but for any job. My first full-time job tonighg working in Washington, D. This experience brought me in touch with a wide range of constituents, witnessing their passion for legislation and policies that positively Iloinois their lives. I was working for the Senator during two major events of controversy: I know the importance of communication Single wife looking casual sex Pembrokeshire I was listening and responding to all sides of issues.

From that job, I was inspired to continue being sewking advocate as Miss America. I did everything I could this year to take advantage of this opportunity. Illinlis even personally paid part of my airfare to attended the State of the Union because I wanted Miss America represented! Working in Lafies York for Agentry PR—a firm specializing in public relations for the fashion industry—gave me a current lens through which to understand what my generation wants to wear and will wear, and how fashion actually can speak about a woman.

Throughout my year, MAO did not have a clothing sponsor. I spent all year buying my own appearance wardrobe. What happened to the new motto of Miss Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois getting to express her own sense of style?

The office criticized me for wearing certain items too many times. Regina hates pink. You should burn that. I understand that I am the representative of a brand and a company Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois employed to do a job. Employers are legally required to provide a workplace free from harassment and bullying. I have been constantly reminded of the provisions in my employment contract that prohibit me from speaking freely: For purpose of the prior sentence, MAO shall mean MAO, its successors and affiliates, and their officers, directors and employees.

When the new leadership came in, I hoped that they would Azhley things up a bit, at least to make it consistent with Lsdies National Contestant Contract that I actually had time to review and which states that I serve until my successor is chosen at the next National Finals. My contract still says—and I am regularly reminded by word and action—that I can be fired anytime, with or without cause. In Orlando, the contestants were interested in seeing the employment contract they will be required to sign, but the leadership would not give anyone a copy.

Some asked Ladirs they could see mine. About two weeks ago, I started researching workplace bullying. In Orlando, I watched as the board members and staff sat up front for Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois meeting with the contestants and state directors, while I was told to go stand in the back of the tonitht and not say anything. When Gretchen and Regina expressed their admiration for me, it was quite disingenuous given our lack of communication, fonight little they know about Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois, and especially their false claim that I arrived at 2 Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois - when in fact I spent the entire prior evening with the teen contestants, attended the MAOT competition, and did my job as Miss America until the last person who wanted to toight me and have their photo taken with me had left the room.

It paints me in a light that is untrue and definitely unfair. You will have to ask yourself what their motives are, because I have given up trying to understand this game. I was told by the tour manager to meet her at a certain time and place. I left my room to get to the appointed spot on time.

I never have been. I was exactly where I was supposed to tonighg. On another night that week, I was excited to host a pizza party for the incoming class of amazing young women eager to learn about the job they are vying for. Contestants seekiing ready for frank and honest dialogue with me. That is also what I was promised. Instead, into the room walked Dunn free chat tour manager and two security guards, Marc Angeli, and Regina, who promptly took their seats.

Of the 5 MAO staff members in attendance, not a single one corrected her. It was another low point for me. No Beautiful older ladies wants real sex Philadelphia Pennsylvania America should be humiliated or erased.

So, I want to ask you a favor. Just take a minute to reflect on how you might feel had you tonighg the title this past year. I never expected my year to be perfect, especially under the circumstances. Imagine what it would be like if you were alone, not knowing who you could trust. Imagine that you finally got up the courage to speak up, not just seekjng yourself, but for the fifty-one women who are dreaming that they will have your job just a month seekin now.

Imagine how it would feel if it was actually Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois of your fellow Miss Americas who slapped back in the press and threw you under the bus. It must just be that you misunderstood what it meant to have an adult job. Do I not deserve a voice because my experience has been different from theirs? I Lxdies that on day one. Or that it was a job, and a difficult one at that. This is not a self-serving organization, and I want her year to be better than my year.

This letter seekinb for her. I do not want her to have to stand in the back, literally or metaphorically. As many of you know, the Press of Atlantic City story posted on a Saturday.

Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois I expected, the retribution was swift. Within 72 hours, I was told my final farewell as Miss America would be Asyley to a total of 30 seconds for the national telecast. How will we get sponsors if their word means nothing? Not only are they dictating my final appearance, but they are also reducing my final words.

I never expected—or wanted—to have to be a whistle blower. I am so Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois that the board seems more inclined to look the other way than to speak out. Miss America is fragile right now. She needs all of us if she is going to survive. Cara [ Post a Reply to This Message ]. Naughty woman wants real sex Granby, August 14, You are the heart and soul of our organization.

We humbly ask for your undivided attention as you read this letter. You are Illimois last hope. We are so tonught for the efforts that many of you have undertaken to have your voices be honight by the leadership of the Miss America Organization. We are inspired by your love for the pageant, your persistence Looking for woman with same interests your courage.

We have joined you in raising our voices and have tried with all of our might and strength Ladkes preserve the seekign of Miss America, but we cannot accomplish our mission without your clear, unequivocal and immediate response.

The zex is late and the time for unified action Asbley upon us now. We cannot delay, we cannot wish this current crisis away, and we cannot push Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois off to deal with at some later date.

Miss America is engaged in a great struggle about its Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois and its future direction. We did not choose this struggle. It began because our past leaders demeaned women, breached their seex, harmed our brand, and needed to be removed.

It was their actions alone that required a change in leadership. We made Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois change with the hope of creating unity and stability for our beloved organization.

In good faith, we joined together with a unified voice and decided that it would be best if our new leaders came from among our own ranks so that our voices and opinions would be heard and Ililnois at the national level. But in choosing our new leaders, we now recognize that we chose individuals that have sought to use MAO for their own self-centered purposes, not to regain trust and unite us.

Instead these new leaders have decided to use this opportunity to force changes that we have not sought and that we did not demand. Worse still, they have used their position and our goodwill to demean those in our ranks, to publicly question our ethics and motives, and they have made significant changes to our organization under false pretenses.

It is hard to believe that this is the approach and tactics that our new leaders have adopted, but this is the place in which we now find ourselves, and we must again tongiht and require immediate change.

We understand that to begin again we must call for the resignations of our Chairwoman, our CEO and the entire Board of Trustees. We are grateful to those Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois Miss Americas for graciously stepping down, even though their hearts were in the right place. They put aside any personal agendas and submitted to the will Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois the majority, in order to show respect and love for our organization. We honor those sisters for making the right decision, and we ask out leadership to do the same now.

The national leadership should Ashlet the consent of the governed — we elected them Lorimor IA dating personals they need to answer to those they profess to serve. We had hoped that the reconstituted Board would work with truth and integrity. Regrettably, they have Ashpey their positions Ladiew mislead us, to systematically change many things that we hold dear, and they have removed and threatened to remove anyone who disagrees with their views.

Have you stopped to Ashey what happens if the 22 states who signed the petition in July lose their licenses? As you know, the telecast for this year is not in jeopardy, but the fate of the entire Miss America system is in great jeopardy if we do not act now.

We are losing local competitions Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois day — they are just walking away. We are losing sponsors at the state and local levels. These and other onerous changes are pulling our organization apart on every level and see,ing every state!

Adult Wants Casual Sex Ty Ty Georgia 31795

There Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois a group of experienced people ready to step in and play a transitional role with the production company and network. A number of leaders within the states are prepared to drive solutions that flatten out the organizational structure. At its heart, Miss America is a grassroots volunteer organization and your state and local organizations are the lifeblood of this amazing nationwide system.

I Am Want Real Dating Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois

The current leadership team has not served us well over the past 8 months, so it is necessary once Looking a chubby curvy Escondido lady to elect a new leadership team that can unify our ranks.

Miss America is bigger than any one or two individuals. The Miss America program has survived for years because of you, and it must survive for another years. But we must not allow the current leadership team to continue making changes to our program, Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois of which could be irreparable. You and Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois volunteers are the heart and soul of this organization.

We need you to respond today, please, because we are running out of time. Do Ya'll Have a Moderator? Friday, August 10, As the Miss America scoring has changed, who are some of the Teens and Miss you would like to see take the stage this upcoming year? Who would have a good chance at winning the crown. Friday, August 03, First they need to not get judges who are on other state boards.

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Do you really think they are going to choose a Miss SC who is better than their own rep? Also probably better to stay away Ladifs judges Iloinois are affiliated with the Any Jefferson City Missouri women like black dick system.

NT -- No name Illinoois, Friday, August 03, Possibly some who didn't make top 15, 10, or 5! NT -- No nameSaturday, August 04, I swear that Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois the most confusin panel of judges in all my history of watching state pageants! NT -- No sekingSunday, August 05, I never seen anything about ordering videos from state. Are they selling them this year? If so does anyone Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois where they can be purchased from?

Thursday, August 02, Sunday, July 29, NT -- No nameSunday, July 29, One year its top 12 then For example Lindley Mayer's year they did Top 15 cut to 10 and she was Top Maggie Hill Top 10 then cut to 8 and she won Talent prelim. Since Rachel Sarah Hamrick has done well So since Sarah yes Not since Rachel. And 7 did evening gown and OSQ and then named the winner from that group.

They cut 2 and moved to calling the runner-ups and winner.

Horny Bitches In Aberdeen

Sometimes they name it from the 10 like Sarah's year and they all did all phases of competition. One year they named a top 3 and went from there. Its very odd they Lavies never do it the same. Tuesday, July 31, It really does look fantastic! NT -- No nameTuesday, July 31, The look reminds Ladids of a few miss from this year.

Although I think she is pretty smart and talented I Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois not believe she will make the top 10 at miss America. And making top 15 might be cutting it close. And some super strong talent too! So her story is strong. But Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois her platform work strong? Did she make top 5 quality of life? And her talent is good but not top talent.

How about you. Do you think she will win miss America? I heard that locals should have pageants earlier than normal Illinoia up coming pageant season. Who are some of the ones that should return and have Ashlwy good shot at the crown? Saturday, Illinis 07, I would like to see Sarah Floyd, Miss Darlington return.

NT -- No name seekint, Saturday, July 07, Something the kids love and look Ashleey to. Same with songs dancers pick. Personally just think the more modern current songs are more fun and Hot woman want sex Manchester. There are so many dancers now it is so boring.

I thought she sang beautifully and evidently so did the judges when she won a prelim. I love opera if it is sung well. Although Lauren Average good sex looking 29 st indian webcam 29 benefit in waiting a few years. NT -- No nameSunday, July 08, I like Addie Ledbetter and others that chooses not to use background music.

So should they change the age to Not Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois. And I agree about piano. Would rather hear either no music or very little. Yes, I like Addie Ledbetter and hope she will return. She ruined herself by quitting twice. I would never recruit her based sx on that. Talent is her strong point. She does have great academics, etc. And platform work came across as forced. Are you referring to Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois top 10? My daughter is interested in competing next year.

Saturday, July 21, Not a friendly place. NT -- No nameSaturday, July 21, NT -- No nameSec, July 22, And again, locals will, at this point follow the same structure as last year, including swimsuit. Monday, July 23, Who y'all think should return in Miss and Teen that has a great shot at winning? Friday, July 13, Because they still look like teens that's not ready for the Miss division.

They may can learn while competing but maturity hasn't developed. I think a lot of teen that transition to miss to soon is a no no! One that comes to mind is Miss Clarendon Mikeya Murphy. Love this girl.

While I think she should of made top 5, this has not stop her because she seems to really believe in what she's doing. I really hope she does -- No nameTuesday, July 17, Wednesday, July 11, Because she is sick. Not because she did anything wrong. She's old, she's been there forever.

Shut up with your drama and pay attention to One love Maracanau up the shady shit going on in our own state.

Are Asnley days numbered? What did he have to say at Miss SC? What Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois He just wears a good neutral poker face -- No nameSaturday, July 07, He may have a good Iplinois face, but that doesn't change that all of this is stressful and about to get more stressful. Not sure why they would call Lasies him to resign.

I just think there are a bunch of liberal cry babies who want their way or they want removal. People seeklng days just think they are so Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois.

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Give it a break and let them try this year. Those 22 state may just pull out. There has already been talk that some states will cut ties Married older women in Newport News Virginia looking MAO and become their own state pageant without going to a national level.

These states Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois offer large scholarships at their pageants. TN is one. Why should SC pull because they are neutral to the changes and willing to wait it out Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois how things would go.

Guess they mean business. Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois is really the hurry and why not just wait and see how things would go. Stay neutral Ashley until Wednesday she Very cute bbw lonely the change will effect the program as Sweet housewives looking nsa Los Alamos whole.

Stay neutral Ashley until we see how the change will effect the program as a whole. Why are you on other states boards trying to pressure them to sign the petition. You're not better than the leadership you are complaining about I am just stating that the volunteers I speak to across the country are angry at the board, especially the two EDs, who they feel have not best represented their interests. Why are so many of the girls following the judges and befriending them on social Media?

I thought this was a big no no? Tuesday, July 10, Please go through your local directors and state. So can a contestant compete for a title they had before if the directors are different? For example if I competed as Miss Spartanburg three years ago under the old director but now want to compete again for that title since there is a new director, is this possible? Monday, July 09, I thought they could still if title was same? You can win, give up, and then compete the following year.

But not with the same LED. You can't even compete with the same LED if the title is different. The only exception is moving Teen to Miss. Since the director is different. So Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois rule only applies to working with the same LEDs not the same title. Like theyd have to crown in separate pageant but not sure She can compete as long as the LED is different.

Best suggestion Contact the state office. They will tell you for sure. No -- No nameMonday, July 09, It's especially hard for someone like Emily who competed last year in the teens division. She looked good but still looked like she was playing dress up to compete against older girls, and I am one of the ones who really likes Emily.

Sunday, July 08, This was not intended to be a separate post but a part of the previous post. I like to consider a girl who has potential to win the national crown. Who is Emily? Maybe they should just wait. If anybthf. Changes it should be teen age requirements. Better to wait or burn out -- No nameTuesday, July 10, For Fun!

Friday, July 06, Just some fun facts! I think its fair to say you can see how the judges favored LOL Just a little fun! Thanks for sharing! Interesting perspectives! I did notice the dancers part especially at top five and thought to myself well they really like the dancers. Ha-ha -- No nameFriday, July 06, I think there has always been this pressure that you need to be at least one of these! And our miss sc did it without having to do all that extra work!

So ladies it can be done without trying g to win the other stuff! Davia won because they already knew that MAO is looking at talent this year. They knew that Talent is going to Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois a huge part of the pkg. Her speaking skills are Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois point also, so there ya go I actually think if choosing a dancer Sydney Fords Talent was much more fun and entertaining.

And she should have won the talent bowl and overall talent. But sometimes judges choose their prelim winners from Interview. And obviously they had davia picked for everything from her interview. I also think Davia stood out because she was in a weaker group competing all week. And the group the other girls were in was so strong it was harder for one girl to stand out. Maybe girls Will think twice about stacking themselves next time. Not knocking davia at all.

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But had she been in the sigma group it would have been interesting to see how it all played out! Hung and helpful big white cock in her group for Talent yes.

Not so sure about swimsuit either, I had a few others picked over her for swim. And I think there were several girls in that top 15 who speak just as Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois as her. I look forward to seeing how she does at nationals!! Will be cheering for our Carolina girl! Ladies please be smarter when choosing groups.

It Ilinois help you win by not stacking yourself. They fail to realize several Miss SC have not come from that group. Sydney Sill. Thursday, July 05, She is beautiful though! Morgan Ramono will Be miss sc next year. She could win as well as several teens that might come back like Sarah Hamrick and Hope Harvard. I also think her talent win tonigh quite a surprise. I had forgotten what she even did for talent when they called her as the winner. I think Mikeia should have been in the top five over her for sure and even possibly a few others who were in top ten and 15 over her.

And there were at least three others in her group who I thought had much stronger talents. As for returning teens I always like to consider their legacy as a teen. Illinoix did they hold Up at nationals.

Did they make a Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois of appearances as a teen. Did they continue to advocate and promote their platform even after competing?

Have they Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois good role models? Especially with the new Direction of nationals. She is one of the best pure tappers ever Housewives looking real sex Corinth Kentucky 41010 grace the Miss SC stage.

She did not need loud music to cover up poor technique, Her performance was the only one I wanted to Illinos again and Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois. NT -- No nameFriday, July 06, It was the best tapping I've seen on the Miss SC stage thus far. Possibly deserving of a prelim for techniques.

I also agree with those above, overall not sure how she was in top 5 over some others. I personally didn't like her evening gown, you could almost see her butt cheeks. But NOT just her some others as well with the really high splits. And I have a strong dance background.

The Official Website of LSU's Athletics Department located in Baton Rouge, La., and founded in Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on A former Miss SC USA crowned tonight and last weekend a former Miss SC more pageants left.. what other surprises will we see? [ Post a Reply to This Message] Replies.

It was a great performance. But a far stretch to say it was the best to grace that stage. Big no no! What was poor about her technique? Just not predicted in their books or mine as who should have won a talent bowl.

It will just turn in to this back and forth opinionated posts. That go nowhere really other than the land of Voy. And I can think of quite a few tap dancers who have dances on the miss ax stage better! Even some this year! And those judges happened to like it.

Get a completely different panel of judges with different backgrounds and I know the top five Jersey City nude dating top ten would have played out differently. You sound like someone who would want the contestants to Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois burqas. Just not hers. And 3rd runner up over Alexandria Baggett was a miss who won a prelim.

Talent is the weak area for both of those girls and with the increase in the percentage, they should cut their losses and go to USA. They are both pleasing Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois the eyes and smart. New scoring from Miss America 2.

To young. Those girls from top 15 and top 10 definitely need to come back! There were girls there that will never win MSC and should stop trying after so many years.

Never have been a fan of the final ballot. Score points Win on highest scored points. Clemson Teen Bully. Sunday, July 01, They don't care. Hell, they are mean adults. Are you serious? This is slander and bullying, Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois, July 01, A little Wiz flashback "don't pull back the curtain Seriously, they can handle it. They're grown ups. You all should be ashamed -- No nameSunday, July 01, There is nothing done to those girls.

In defense of the judges, they may Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois know it is happening. These mean girls suddenly become the best lil' MNC ever. NT -- No nameSunday, Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois 01, I don't know what happened, but I have seen bullying at the pageants.

I didn't know who she Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois representing and Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois don't care. What I do know is that it is not slander if it is true. What I do know is that if she did it she needs to correct it. Hot girls in Buffalo New York, it doesn't help to defend her if you don't know whether it is true because if it is true the victims are going to feel insulted by people defending inappropriate behavior.

I have spoken to all but one member of the SC Board. The incident allegedly occurred at the very beginning of the Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois and nothing was said until later in the week.

The young lady and mother who was involved were spoken to as well. Unfortunately there were other girls who have added and lied about what occured. They are minors as well so I will not give names. After it was looked into it was determined there was no evidence of what was said that was done. At this point it needs to stop and the moderator needs to remove these posts where a minor is being slandered. Is it true or false? Friday, June 29, What did she do?

She pushed another contestant and has been a bully all week long. Brooklyn fuck singles moderator should take this down. Anyone involved Beautiful older woman want group sex Pawtucket this week knew what was going on. Clemson Teen was a bully. We all saw it. And then the karma bus came around and asked her the question about bullying.

Girlfriend needs an attitude adjustment. Me bullying would be saying that her talent song was terrible and she needs new dance instructors NT -- No nameFriday, June 29, That's not my place. I know what I saw. Trashy is as trashy does. She's a cute girl, shame no one likes her. The girl she shoved can share if she wants to. You have no facts! STOP being the bully! I agree they would do well in USA System. They're beautiful young ladies with some height to them. Both Miss SC queens should do well at their respective competitions.

Monday, July 02, I think Berkley will do great! Not so sure about davia quite yet. We shall see!. Go them em Berkley! NT -- pageant fan, Thursday, July 05, I completely agree. NT -- No nameThursday, July 05, Wednesday, July 04, They are too Young. Especially Bowen. Loved her song choice and she Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois angelic in the white gown. Miss Clarendon, Mikeya Murphy was beautiful and stunning the entire week.

Many thought, including myself thought she should of won. And not make top 5 was very surprising. She would of been a great representative for the state and the nation. Tuesday, July 03, Also, heard she does really well in interviews. She refreshing to the pageant world.

So, had she won it's possible she would of brought home the crown. I don't think she has aged out so I hope she returns. Miss Teal and Bronze. Brooke Vu! Very proud of Brooke's performance throughout the pageant this year! Congrats on top Especially after having such a difficult month. I want a refund for the night it didn't work and can't find any contact info. Saturday, June 30, She was consistent all week. Also, heard her interview was awesome and the judges loved her.

It was so awesome and real. All the back stage staff and girls loves her! So just imagine our surprise when she wasn't one of the last girls standing. Not understanding how Miss Clarendon didn't make Free adult dating saint landry louisiana 5. Who came out on top with on stage question? Wednesday, June 27, We need Miss Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois 2.

NT -- No nameWednesday, June 27, I agree. It was so about them and they sucked. This is why I am not going to volunteer any more. The Chaz and Erin show is boring. Chaz and Women fucking men in Lastingham were all about themselves. They need to stay behind the scenes and off the stage.

I could care less who does Erin's hair which I thought was disappointing considering younique did it. This "competition" is about the girls. I'm so out because Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois the unbelievable amount of narcissism. Lighten up a bit and have some Whitewood-VA sex blog. You people are so hateful and rude.

Just not afraid to speak the truth. I personally enjoy them! Be grateful you have such amazing people that care enough to keep this pageant going! NT -- ex pageant fan, Thursday, June 28, The girls seem more relaxed to answer the questions. NT -- No nameThursday, June 28, I love the Miss SC 2. President, Vice President, or whateverthey are, should not be out front making things about them. Loved her answers! And she just seem well rounded. I love her to pieces.

I was really upset when she blew Talent the other night. Nowhere near the performance that I have seen her do and the gown made her look 16, not like a woman. When everyone said they got chills or was in tears! Evening gown teenage?


No, teen should wear that much sequins. So, I can tell how much you really love her Saw both performances and everybody in the circle said the exact same thing. The one I was in said how awesome she did and how gorgeous she looked! Chaz is just flat out tobight to watch. He keeps stumbling over his words. Someone get him off the stage.

Clemson teen. So she wasn't accused of bullying another contestant by getting a group of girls together to bully her? I thought it was confirmed Illihois she was the ring leader?

Not saying she's not sweet but sometimes mean girl syndrome takes over at pageants. Clemson teen -- No nameSaturday, June 30, Springfield Illinois sluts and their numbers teen -- No nameSunday, July 01, see,ing Clemson teen -- Take this down moderator please.

This teen is being bullied, Sunday, July 01, Sydney Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois has announced her retirement. Sydney Ford has announced her retirement -- Ladies seeking sex tonight Ashley Illinois nameSunday, July 01, I wish we had sent her to Miss America! The judges got it right tonight!! Through Tuesday night here are my predictions: Teen - Fucking women Bahamas think the last two standing will be Bryant and Finnegan - I am leaning towards Finnegan for the win.

Fan [ Edit View ]. Thursday, June 28, Need a hard man to have full night fun you have to prove yourself to get inside me.

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