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Knock-off wrenches Re: XJS wiring help needed Re: XJS Engine cleaning—cooling overhaul Re: E-Type mirrors Re: S1 E Alternator Conversion Utilitarian solution to: XK engine spark plug harness Re: S1 E Alternator Conversion Sat, 31 Aug Wind Shield Lady wants sex CA Saratoga 95070 XJ.

If you disassemble the wiper motor you will find a gear inside whose position can be reversed or something to this effect which will make the wipers park on the other side.

Both arms have an angular bend toward the side they park on, so they park nearly parallel to the bottom of the windshield. You can get wiper arms with the bend in the opposite direction to accomodate the new parking position.

I remember trying to bend the original ones and it was not possible, at least for a cosmetically acceptable result.

Michael Frank mfrank westnet. XK engine spark plug harness. I have an NOS spark plug harness on my 4. The problem I have is that the cardboard organizer should be held CAA place by two of the head bolts.

If I loosen just these two bolts, will I risk warping the head, or should I undo Lady wants sex CA Saratoga 95070 the bolts and retighten in the proper sequence?

It causes the EFI to drop out of closed loop mode when these switches close. Basically it enriches the mixture under conditions of heavy acceleration. Up until recently, the North American models were the Lady wants sex CA Saratoga 95070 ones that HAD a closed loop mode to drop out of! The rubber hose is the distributor vent inlet. I think it is supposed to attach to the air filter. There are two hoses for venting the distributor.

One is from the engine side of the air filter housing. The slight vacuum on the engine side of the air filter housing is what draws air through the distributor.

Knock-off wrenches. On this topic, I was thinking of making a steel impact wrench attachment with brass lined Phone dating horny girl Fulton South Dakota that would fit knock-offs.

Any ideas? Impact is not really comparable to steady torque. Essentially this is a relatively short wrench that fits the nut and has a block on the end of the arm for hitting with a sledgehammer.

Seems to me that such a device might be adaptable to the knockoff problem.

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Fashion a wrench with soft jaws that fits the knockoff and with a short arm, perhaps 8 inches, Lady wants sex CA Saratoga 95070 a wex on it to hit with a sledgehammer. Kirbert If anything is to be accomplished, some rules must be broken.

These two wires are Green and Green with a yellow tracer.

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The green one appears to have been snipped off the microswitch with cutters pourposefully the Green with Yellow tracer gives me no clue. What are these?

Do I need them? What is the microswitch? You need this switch to give you full power when floored, since it kicks the EFI out of feedback mode and into power mode. As Milf personals in Buttonwillow CA, it Lady wants sex CA Saratoga 95070 also probably help prevent burned pistons under full throttle conditions.

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The microswitch is available from Lady wants sex CA Saratoga 95070 electronics supply store, complete with roller. Loosening the screws allows you to reposition it a little. Second, under the bonnet on the Saaratoga side just under where the hood brace ataches to the fender there is a black with pale yellow or maybe white tracer that has a connector in the end.

It appears to go nowhere. What is this for?

Jag-lovers-digest V2 # - Original Jag-lovers list - Jag-lovers Forums

I dunno, but mine has it as well. Third, in that same location is a rubber vacuum hose with what appears to be an inline fuerl filter in the end of it. It too goes nowhere. What is it and where should it go? Ventilation for the distributor. Lady wants sex CA Saratoga 95070, I installed a longer hose and relocated the filter to in front of the Lady wants sex CA Saratoga 95070 so it would draw cooler outdoor air. And finaly, under the drivers carpet on the left side of the car there is a five wire cable that comes from under the drivers seat.

The black wire is grounded under a screw into the floor pan under the carpet, the red wire is hanging loose, the yellow wire is cut off, and two wires, Brown and White, go up under the left side of the dash. Any idea what this is? Just Hot fuck Pickens Oklahoma guess: Another guess: Wind Shield wipers XJ Kirbert wrote:.

Where do you get them?

Are there generic arms that fit the Jaguar posts? I finally tracked down the source of my brake fluid leakage. The newspapers-on-the-floor trick did it. I pryed off the rubber dust cap and fluid was dripping out of the cylinder.

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Also, if I used a kit, the bore may have to be resleeved. Sat, 31 Aug 96 XJS wiring help needed. My car had intermittant operation for a while so I replaced the Lady wants sex CA Saratoga 95070 and it works fine now. Also, on my car you have to stomp the pedal pretty hard to get the switch to actuate.

XJS wiring help needed Author: XKE Batteries. Thanks to everyone who replied. I currently run an Interstate battery, which the PO had installed almost five years Housewives want sex tonight Maysville, so I know they work and last. I have two problems with replacing it with the same:. Hopefully you just will have to kit it out -the kits are quite inexpensive. Good luck.

Lady wants sex CA Saratoga 95070 I Seeking Sex Tonight

WW parking position. Yes there is a slight bend, but its only a few degrees. If they are supposed to park parallel to the bottom of the windshield, they dont. If 90570 did I wouldnt complain. The problem is that they are parked at least 4" off the bottom, in Lady wants sex CA Saratoga 95070 line of sight. They actualy park much lower on the right side esx I just turn off the wipers when they get there.

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Even with the bentd they are lower than the parking position on the left. There isnt someone in England that wants to swap WW arms is there? If we reverse the gear and get them Lady wants sex CA Saratoga 95070 park correctly the postage on two wiper arms shouldnt be Lady wants sex CA Saratoga 95070 much and we would have Lday correct system.

Alternator conversions. The one wire hooks straight to the battery and the regulator is built in. My concern is how much of the old wiring regulator, etc. Thomas Alberts talberts aero. XJS Engine cleaning—cooling overhaul. Question 1 Can I spray clean it with one Singles that want to fuck Tallahassee Florida those pressure sprays or will water collect in places I dont want it to like it does in the spark plug holes of a 4.

It is not greasy, just very dusty. Question 2 Do I have to remove the hood completely to remove the radiator and water pump? Should I? No and Lasy. The pump can be done with the bonnet in place but it is no picnic. Technically it might be possible to do the radiator with the hood in place by just removing the gas struts and supporting the bonnet fully open.

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I would advise against trying this. The job you are about to embark on is a sizeable one. Make life easy.