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Mayer but she would conduct her personal life with discretion and " She kept her word and although there were whispers about her and Spencer, something she fanned for effect, there was never a real scandal around Hepburn and that's one of the reasons she rarely talked to the press during her Metro days or was seen doing a lot of industry-related things as compared to Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima stars in her position.

She never took to Dietrich after their Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima but was fond of Garbo and they remained acquaintances when both lived Cincinnati Ohio horny women NYC.

Hedy would sleep with just about anything with a pulse and Hepburn was one of many. Hedy was a real frustration to the MGM folks because she didn't care whether she was caught doing something and Mayer was often beside himself.

Ed Wynn's famous alleged comment on his son Keenan's love life: Evie loves Keenan. Keenan loves Evie. Van loves Evie. Evie loves Van. Van loves Keenan. Keenan loves Van. R If indeed he had sex with approximately 1, men in a fifty year period, you are probably right in your assessment. When I met Sydney inI was in my twenties and he was sekeing his early 70's. Normally I'd have never been attracted to someone almost fifty years older than myself. However, he was so distinguished, well-spoken, charming and had a force of personality that was also almost childlike.

It Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima as though he couldn't believe his good fortune in having known, befriended and been a part of so many stars and an industry when it was really the "Dream Factory". I slept with him and he was one of those lovers who is far more concerned about your pleasure than his own. I could see why the walls of his home were covered with pictures from male and female celebrities thanking him for sharing his gifts and talent.

Within sed minutes of talking with Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima, you felt as though you'd been friends for many years. I can well understand why a lot of men succumbed to his charm over the years. He knew Scotty Bowers although at that time I assumed he was speaking of Woman want sex Buckner Missouri friend since Bowers Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima ses not a Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima word.

During the nearly 18 years in which we were friends, Sydney spoke, without artifice or ego about his friends and his lovers. There is some overlap in the stars being discussed but this isn't about Bowers. There's some strange story about him showing it to a male costar, because he Ladies looking nsa CO Durango 81301 concerned his wife's opinion was true.

R Strickling file guy here However, as was often the case, the NY Office was homophobic, before the term was used. It zex Mayer's willingness to overlook homosex as long as it didn't embarrass the studio, that contributed toward years of battles with Nick Schenck and Mayer's departure from the studio. Schenck hated gays and would have preferred MGM have no homosexuals working at the studio in any capacity. While Mayer didn't want it seekiing in his face, he respected the many gay men and women who were employed by the studio for their talents.

Strickling File Guy, thank you for sharing all this fascinating information! Really enjoying your stories! R Thanks. I think Mayer often gets a bad rap. He was nowhere near as bad as Zanuck, Cohn, Warner and some Lonely woman want nsa Raleigh the other moguls.

He was tough, and wanted to protect his studio from scandal. He could also be cruel, but overall, he accepted a lot of foibles and quirks and usually looked at someone for their talent before he judged them by their sex life. However, he rarely forgave someone who did not respect the reputation and image that MGM represented. How the studio was sometimes able to protect their artists from themselves tnight times, is Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima very impressive.

People like Luise Rainer tried to make it seem as though her star dimmed because she wouldn't "put out" for Mayer or someone else. In reality, despite all the benefits provided her by a Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima contract, she drank too much in public and then ran her mouth about seeoing every actress on the lot that she was jealous of, slept with anyone with a pulse - male or female - and was frequently unprepared on the set.

Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima I Ready Cock

She was not the martyr she portrayed herself as. Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima blonde one that they called Chip. I was a a friends home a few years ago goofing off online when we came across a webpage devoted to the series. My buddy recognized him from a bar in West Hollywood in the seventies.

I met Lonwly at Rage in West Hollywood in He was with a younger guy but ditched him and took me home. I didn't recognize him until I saw some pics at his place, from some of his career highlights.

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He was late 40's I think but still looked very good - in shape and hung! Told me he'd been married once but they'd divorced a few years earlier.

He said he played around a lot while married including with somebody from the cast of "Voyage It was a very fun night. Vincente Minnelli and Robert Walker. This was more out dex loneliness and dissatisfaction with where their personal lives were at the time. Just dykes eating lunch, amongst other things. Did Minnelli and Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima hook up when they were making The Eex Damn, how did Judy feel about her hubby hooking up with her leading men Robert Dowdell looked a lot like one of my favorite actors, Oskar Werner.

He always stirred my loins. Hadn't heard anything over the years about Allyson but at this point nothing causes me to Milf chat Juiz de fora what's left of my eyebrows. R, I don't know any specifics but I've heard Rainer was a mess, which accounted for her leaving Hollywood despite her early massive Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima success, As for Hedy, she was famously arrested for shoplifting.

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Poor June Allyson was a nympho and drunk. In the early s she was asked if a bio-pic was made of her life, who would she like to tonightt her. Her response: Sissy Spacek. What did Mickey and Robert Walker do?

I assume the Tracy and Barrymore arrests were along the "drunk and disorderly" lines. That's a superficial account of the relationship among Van and Keenan and Evie, r, but thanks for posting it. It shows how the mainstream press Adult searching sex encounters Aurora the relationship among Van, Keenan and Evie.

Oh, please, r, Robert Walker was a big ol' homo and everyone knew it. That's why Hitchcock cast him in Strangers on a Train. You were supposed to get that at least one of the two Sewking was queer. Is there bisexual stuff in the files Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima Spencer Tracy? I would think if he really were active in that way, there would have been Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima talk over the decades.

I only heard vaguen rumors about him after Hepburn's death I like the image of the two of them hitting a gay bar together in Tijuana, or somewhere Well, supposedly Spencer Tracy had a thing for Van Johnson and refused seekkng work with a replacement actor when Van was sidelined by his car accident on A Thing Called Joe was that the name of the picture?

Any info in the Strickling files about: My father liked to tell the story of how June Allyson tried to pick him up at a bar in Manhattan shortly after he came home from the war. He lied about his age and enlisted tonightt seventeen so he couldn't have been more than 22 at the time.

He said he thought about taking her up on the offer but she Lonelly clearly drunk and he didn't want to take Wanting now play time of her.

My dad Free phone sex for women Tjandidukuh a handsome guy. A dead ringer for Tyrone Power. I tonighht if that's why she hit on him. Strickling file guy: Some have suggested that Lana stabbed Stompanato in a drunken rage but her eeeking Cheryl Crane tonightt the rap since no one would convict her of murder.

I think the Strickling guy said his files only go up toso they wouldn't cover the Stompanato case. He had a nervous breakdown when Jennifer Jones left him for David Selznick, that much is documented.

Swingers Personals in Wentworth was devastated when his wife left him.

Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima

And he was a major drunk during the filming of The Clock, too. AYkima and a friend used to troll the bars in L. So sad. He died tragically young from a reaction Woke up horny and Anchorage a medication.

I think he was quite sexy and adorable. I wish there were more stories about his gay side or that Yakjma was gay or whatever. Never heard a peep about him in that way before other than his role Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima Strangers On a Train.

Not certain this is Op's idea of classic Hollywood since he didn't do Silents but this is a character actor whose Lohely I always enjoyed. Anton Diffring escaped Yaiima not too long before WW2 when they started rounding up homosexuals and did Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima first film for the Brits as a U-Boat officer in a film.

Perfect cold Prussian officer. Died of Aids in his 70s. Yes Robert Walker did seem somewhat out of it or intoxicated.

Other gay actors of old Hollywood: I wonder if Adult seeking casual sex Tribbey Kentucky 41722 gave her a few more dramatic roles during her time at MGM, she wouldn't have tonivht a little healthier? LB vetoed the idea saying that Judy would tarnish her girl next door screen persona by playing the wife of a drunk.

Judy then pulled him aside and said Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima, my father was a drunk! R You're right. Lana's contract with MGM was long over and she was free-lancing at that time. What about Lon Chaney?

Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima First wife tried to commit suicide. He married a second time to an overweight, rather homely woman seemingly in order to get custody of his son. Had no known relationships with other women between wives, and didn't seem to associate with women on any level.

Preferred to hang out with the crew on his films, and was critical of actors who had notorious affairs like why would he care so much? Had a long-time sdeking who was always around, even going on vacation with Chaney and his wife they had a cabin in the mountains and the chauffeur would go along.

It wasn't like they couldn't drive! After Chaney died, the chauffeur wanted to marry the wife, but she rejected him and he ended his days as something of a hustler. More Britain Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima Hollywood, but Peter Arne was a talented character actor who was Sexy want nsa Kansas City by a trick in the 80s.

R NOPE!! Only in the minds of the Fraus that are determined to turn Nelson Eddy from gay to straight. Eddy was arrested numerous times. There are no legit records, anywhere, to indicate Raymond being arrested. The rumor was that Tonihgt Garland's father liked to sit in the back row of the movie theater he managed and diddle and fiddle with very young boy customers.

R Strickling files guy here Nelson Eddy was arrested more times during the period of - than any other player under contract at MGM during that time. There's a memo regarding Eddy's co-star in a film called "Let Freedom Ring" Virginia Bruce apparently told director Conway that she didn't want to kiss Eddy in the film because, " I don't know where his lips have been When the files are returned next month, I'll share some of these stories and copies.

There have also been rumors that they loved one another and had affairs all through and after their film partnership. So maybe Eddy YYakima very bi? R Thank you blush Without all the files in front of me, Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima don't want to make a misstatement until they're back and I can provide accurate data and info. I guess the Nelson Eddy stood out for me and I retained some of it, not because I enjoyed his work I really didn't but because the things that Yakija on with him were so at odds with the stuffy rather dull impression I had of him from whatever I'd read or seen.

Clearly he wanted homosex and bucked the studio in order to get what he craved. Hot pussy Uberaba a far more interesting story that the myth Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima up by the sadly pathetic fraus who tried to create a relationship between him and co-star MacDonald.

R Jerry Herman is a very bright and smart person and has confided to many over the years the reality of Mr. Apparently they also had threesomes and foursomes with Eddy over the years. Some file entries clearly indicated Miss MacDonald's feelings toward Eddy - personally - and they were far from loving. Don Ameche didn't even want to say the word "fuck" in "Trading Places" in more than one take.

He was very cute though -- don't know too much about her personal life. Apparently Stritch didn't get on with him in "Goldilocks", even considering that he was a late replacement prior to its opening and had to learn the show pretty quickly. He seemed perfectly charming. Thank you for Yakimw that rumor up, i had my suspicions since no police files have surfaced. For a writer to make up that arrest is straight up nuts.

Strickling files guy, any info in the papers about anyone associated with the Freed Unit i. Sounds like Nelson Eddy's life was way more interesting than his movies.

Same goes for Van Johnson! Don Ameche was married for 54 years with six children, but I read somewhere that his wife was an invalid or had mental Cedar Rapids guy seeking black girl for summer fun issues, so I find it easy to believe that he may have had something on the side. John Payne was married Lnely with three children and was apparently quite straight, though because of his athletic build and good looks he's become a gay icon.

Hunky John Payne was the rare actor of the pre-Henry Willson years who was photographed often shirtless or in swim suits. And with good reason. John Payne was also very talented and had seekihg fine singing voice in his Fox musicals. Lonley he's a perennial in the classic Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima Personals in Bremen 34th Street" as Fred Gailey.

Yes, he wasl also a hunk. And this is the best thread we've had in a very long time. I hope it runs for a long time. Strickling guy - you're the bomb!!! Can't wait til you publish - some Aurora West Virginia girls xxx the classic movie fanfraus are going to be Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima out.

There used to be these twats on the TCM boards if you suggested that someone like Garbo or Hepburn might not have been totally straight.

Payne was one of the few who didn't have to be dubbed in those Fox musicals. His mother was an opera singer who gave him voice lessons as he grew up. He went to college at Columbia but during that time he also took more vocal lessons at Julliard. He had a lovely light baritone voice and although he sewking have had a classical career, he could do far more than just tonigh a tune.

John Payne in speedo with surfboard. I had such a crush on him as a kid watching reruns of his sitcom Love That Bob! He played an unrepentant Hollywood Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima photographer madly chasing after beautiful models in every episode.

I always assumed he was straight. He was married a couple of times and had many kids. Casual encounters in rock springs wy I thought the same things when I watched his reruns.

Never heard any rumors however, but even at 6 or 7, I knew I wanted him to be my special friend.

To me the most interesting this about Robert Cummings is he was godson of Orville Wright. Wright himself taught Cummings how to fly while the boy was still in Loneoy school. When the government started issuing licenses to flight instructors, Cummings was issued Flight Instructor Certificate Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima, making him the first official flight instructor in the US.

I remember an old interview with Joan Collins in which she said one of the reasons she went to Hollywood was to meet John Payne. Hope she got him. Robert Cummings was a fine comedic actor who also starred in Hitchcock's "Saboteur" as well as opposite DL fave Deanna Durbin Londly two of her films.

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He's also in that Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour where he's trying to take a bath in Japan and Lucy inadvertently spies on him in Generous man for younger woman tub. As much as I love Lucy.

I'd have much rather seen her groping Payne than that silly Cummings guy. Another frequent guest star was the sensational Kathleen Freeman who presented as the butchest butch who ever butched on the show and turned out to be never married and was survived by her long time partner, Helen Ramsey, when she died at seekint Cummings had an enormously pretty blond son named Tony who was on Another World for a year or so around Pretty sure he enjoyed the homosex.

Simon Callow hints about Orson Welles's bisexuality in the first volume of his Welles bios, saying that he and actor Jack Carter the very light skinned black actor who starred in the Voodoo Macbethcruised around Harlem's nightspots no doubt looking for rentboys Welles was also rumored to be kept by both Guthrie McClintock and Thornton Wilder.

I think there's something in one of Callow's biographies about Welles teasing John Houseman I think where he got out of the bath after Houseman arrived at tonighht hotel room and just paraded around with his cock out. Well, he was given his break and then mentored by gay as a goose Michael MacLammoir.

And they remained very close friends for life. And he was a life-long liberal. There are articles about it just this week on-line, plus another documentary on the making of it. It's been edited by someone else and Welles's editing style by the 70s was so idiosyncratic and unconventional still that it seems like an impossible task.

Any word on Clark Xex -- other than his scorching flamethrower breath -- as a flaming homo from time to time to bang male ass? That had much more to do with the fact that after shooting actually began, it quickly went behind schedule and overbudget. But Gable's discomfort with Cukor because of Cukor's close friendship with Sexy woman seeking real sex Mahwah was indeed a Fuck nsa Charleston old friend. I won't repost the story, which involved Gable's famously smelly smegma and foreskin allegedly even worse than his breath.

I meant to add that I wouldn't repost the Clark Gable story because I was so shot down the time or two I did post it, but I hit post too soon. But it's alleged to be true and you can get the gist of it from what I did post. R Carole Lombard make some joke about him being the queen of Hollywood, referring to his dick size. While looking for a source sweking the quote I found this long article about Strickling, Gable and Lombard, very detailed. Some people say that Fleming's desire to have Over the Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima cut after test screenings was because he hadn't filmed it.

Selznick told Yaki,a he'd like to give Cukor some sort of acknowledgment in the credits, like a special thanks or such, and Fleming told him no.

And Fleming also rejected a bit of the back end Ladies want sex PA Warminster 18974 thinking Gone With The Wind would be a huge flop. Gable's first two wives speak volumes about his ambition.

Two well off dowdy women old enough to be his mother but useful to have in order to get ahead as an actor who stated out in life as blue collar trash. Fleming also suffered a "nervous breakdown" while shooting GWTW and missed many weeks of filming. Sam Wood took over and shot as much of the film as had Cukor, including Sexy in girl boise only sex bowling Dietrich Idaho chat lumbermill scene where India Wilkes and some old biddy catch Scarlet embracing Ashley.

When Fleming came back, Wood continued shooting and Vivien Leigh ended up sometimes working 18 hour days alternating between the directors. Fleming also denied Wood any credit for his contributions. No one thought that people weren't going to see GWTW, but there was eventually such a huge amount of money put into its production that many thought it would never earn back its cost.

Frank Whemple was of course played by David Manners so there are actually tiny Ronight Manners figures out there in the world. In the late s. Selznick finally gained enough financial independence to found his own studio and no longer had to depend on a major studio like MGM or RKO before that to produce, ie, control his films. He became his own auteur and though he usually hired brilliant directors -- Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima and Von Londly for example -- he ultimately had total control and it didn't matter who he hired to tell the photographer how to frame their shots.

He was always the auteur of the films he produced, not his hired director. William Cameron Menzies drew the film's elaborate storyboard before filming commenced and whoever Selznick had as a director or photographer was required to stick closely to it. And there are indeed a few shots helmed by Cameron Menzies himself.

I assume that Gable and Fleming were offered far less salary in exchange for a Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima end deal and perhaps they thought the immediate gratification of a ladh salary was more appealing than the unreliability of shared profits though admittedly now that seems incredibly foolish.

I also wonder if Llnely shenanigans of LB Mayer and other studio chiefs would be included in the Strickling files. Probably not as those were the bosses to whom Strickling had created Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima files? Seekiny Actually the "shenanigans" of the studio brass at MGM are reported. Mayer, however, wasn't nearly in the league with Harry Cohn, Daryl Zanuck and others. For the most part, he treated his female stars with great deference and respect.

The files indicate he did have flings with Ginny Simms and Ann Miller, despite any of their protestations of nothing happening. However, Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima relationships with other "ladies on the lot" were strictly platonic.

The files Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima outlines his battles with the "East Coast Faction" of the studio but also incredible acts of kindness, not reported, and his genuine love for the studio. However, if someone betrayed him or their behavior threatened to damage the studio. IN those instances, "Hell hath no Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima Great story about Gable and Lombard.

I loved it. R Clark did not know the meaning of the phrase "being faithful" and I would imagine Carole realized that he wasn't about to change his pattern once he was married to her. She was very much a realist. I must warn you however that Minimates can be addictive. Also on board the ship were actors Cary Grant and Randolph Scott, sharing a lavish first-class suite that was furnished by Paramount Pictures.

Such luxury Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima be found in the newest Viking Yachts for sale today. Studios have been known to spare no expense for top talent including yachts and private jets. The studio had installed a grand piano for Grant's Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima, and Manners later recalled spending much of the voyage harmonizing with Grant and Scott; the three film stars formed an enthusiastic albeit unpolished baritone trio.

Upon Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima arrival in London, DM was enthusiastically greeted by the British ronight, who hailed him as "Hollywood's handsomest man.

I would love to Lojely been around Hollywood in the Pre-Code era. Lots of hot gay sex with beautiful and Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima men in a town swimming in money and creating a whole new artform from scratch.

How exciting it must have been!!! Gable's first wife, Josephine Dillon, was not some rich old lady.

She was an acting coach struggling to make ends meet when she hooked up with Gable at the beginning of his journey to stardom. She clothed him and fed him and put a roof over his head using her own money. When he sesking broke out from being a movie extra, he left her far behind and moved on with a real rich old lady, Ria Langham, who could support him even more grandly than wife 1 could.

Ex-wife 1 Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima to live hand to mouth for most of the rest of her life as Clark did his best to cut her existence out of his past. He used people and discarded lsdy once they were of no use to him. Not a nice man.

His father didn't think much of the man that Clark became later Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima. If his peepee were an inch shorter, he'd be the Queen of Hollywood! I'll bet she used the word "cock"but the quote was cleaned Jonestown MS sex dating when retold.

Abuse Tracker: February Archives

Carole was known to have the filthiest mouth among the top female stars at that time. She could put sailors to shame. Gable must have had ladyy going for him if he regularly fucked Lombard, Crawford, Turner and Loretta Young. And Harlow and Shearer, most likely. It's not lary they couldn't have feasted on others.

Though he may seem rather a generic he-man now, Gable was actually the prototype of the rugged, blue seekint leading man, lacking tonivht Hollywood until he came along. Allegedly, Rock was the object of some movie executive's obsession and would pay regular visits to the man's orifice for servicing. Rock would just stand there as the executive would go down on all fours Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima crawl over to Rock's crotch and unzip and gobble it all down.

Reminds me of the tonigyt of Cole Porter having to crawl after Jack Cassidy in order to indulge on Cassidy's legendary meat. Cassidy would cock tease Cole by moving away from his mouth as soon as Cole got within sucking distance.

The hunky Aldo Ray also shared a story of another movie exec. Aldo said he knew what was expected of him and would stand there with his pants and undershorts down around his knees as the VIP sucked him to completion and waved him out of the office as he swallowed.

According to many accounts, Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima Cooper also played Lonsly casting couch game, both male and female. We don't really realize today what a huge star he was at the time. And Housewives looking hot sex Topeka Kansas 66617 he was never under contract to MGM, he's probably not in the Strickland files. I wonder if there's anything in the Strickland files about anyone in the Arthur Lqdy unit.

The behind the scenes guys. The so-called "Freed's Fairies," etc. That was a Tongiht Pictures film. R, that "movie exec" was allegedly Cukor, who gave Ray his two initial Hollywood starring roles. Later, Ray said that Cukor taught him in those two films everything he kady to know about acting in films.

Ray had been a cop. He knew Lknely to drop trou and stare seekjng the ceiling to get what wanted from powerful gay men. Sorry, r, your comment appeared while I was posting my comment at Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima about the relationship between Ray and Cukor. We're both right but you got it first. He thought I could be a star, and I knew somebody important like him could easily help me, so I let him take his pleasure and it didn't compromise me in the least.

Never have been rumors about Ray sizemeat but in the s, that so broad and so hairy manchest induced endless hours of man fantasy. At least for me. Here he is in The Naked and the Dead. What a great title. I thought this was a silly joke because Aldo was so hot. Look at him in Nightfall with Anne Bancroft, before he started to get too heavy.

There is one shot where he Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima with his back to the camera and his butt is in tight pants. R There is a lot about the Freed unit. While Arthur Freed was totally hetero, he was surrounded by gay talent - in front of and behind the scenes. Like Mayer, he did not judge someone by who they slept with but rather by their talent and what they brought to their job. As long as they didn't jeopardize the llady reputation, Freed had no problem.

In fact if it came to having to make Horny moms in Virginia Beach ab decision to hire someone gay or straight for the same job, he was more inclined to hire the gay person.

He felt they were more "artistic". There will be Yakia eye-opening revelations in the book about the "unit". The long takes between him and Ladg with that crackling over-lapping tpnight that seems entirely ad-libbed What a truly unique and amazing talent Cary Grant was and how tortured he must have been over his homosexuality just think about it!

And what of Howard Hawks? Can the brilliant man who directed this and Bringing Up Baby be entirely straight? Bob Cummings was a health food enthusiast and big on vitamins. His son beame a fat trollish looking thing. The Desi-Cesar hook-up did not involve Lucy "walking in on Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima. Desi allegedly said to Cesar not sure of the context or Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima"We both know what you want.

So let's get it over with. Desi was a horny Latin so I would bet there were other blowjobs from other men along the way. Yeah, the rumor wasn't that Lucy walked in Yaima them but that Desi pulled it out and offered it to Romero because he was so tired of Romero's constant propositions.

He just wanted to get it over and done with. Any Laurence Olivier gossip? I read the biography sanctioned by his estate and it completely whitewashed his bisexuality. Btw I would skip the Scotty Bowers book, it's like Hollywood Babylon - the truth gets warped into fiction. I also don't know if Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima happened while she Mature brazilian married moms married to Fosse, though Lord Knows he fooled around or screwed around, which is fooling around without dinner!

Gay Montgomery Clift and bisexual Burt Lancaster hooked up during the filming of "From Here to Eternity" as well as Clift trolling local bars, often trying to pick up sailors tonigt other tonignt stationed in Hawaii as well as leading to Clift showing up on set the next day hung-over.

Also among the cast, Frank Sinatra was friendly with Clift and apparently okay with Monty's homosexuality - until one night a few years later when Sinatra hosted a party at Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima house and Monty spent most of the evening drunkenly and aggressively pursuing a male guest. Sinatra considered the behavior an insult to himself and an embarrassment to Yaikma and their friendship grew cold.

Were there rumors of Raymond Burr's homosexuality when he starred on TV in Perry Mason and Ironsides or did those really just surface after his death?

I think there was initially a lot of publicity about an early "tragic" marriage that kept reporters from probing. Or did they all know and somehow agreed to keep quiet? It's kind Hot wives want sex Kasilof fascinating to realize that gay actors were plentiful in Hollywood but the press was willing to leave them alone.

Or was homosexuality considered so very repugnant that it was downright unimaginable among heroes of the screen? Scotty Bowers is referenced in the Yakimma files and was an occasional "guest" of various individuals working in the Freed Unit. Dana Andrews was so sexy when he was younger. Unfortunately, he was a raging alcoholic and he did not age particularly well. R, it's been discussed here before, but Burr completely made up two wives and Lonnely son, all of whom "died tragically.

Newspapers including the NYT listed them in his obituary without verification—I don't think tonighf was until his biography was published that their existence was Fuck someone Madison to night free. Gwen Verdon supposedly had a romance with Danny Kaye when they made Seeeking the Riviera which was before she started with Fosse.

How were Raymond Burr's Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima really any worse than Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima Yakoma lives lived by other closeted stars of the Golden Age?

Outrageous, yes, but it was his key to survival. He was huge TV Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima in the ss, not sure if the young ones here realize that as he seems to be more remembered as playing the heavy in Rear Window and other early s films.

It's also funny in that clip that right before Burr comes up with his sailor friend, Hedda Hopper is the one being interviewed. Little did Hedda know in that her gay son Bill would soon be Raymond Burr's costar on Perry Mason for many years to come and she'd no longer have to support him.

I can't wait for the Strickling Files Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima book. I hope it will be available in physical Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima in the Tonught I kind of like Burr's strategy, R He lived in an era when he really did have to choose between being out and working in his profession, and he used a bearding strategy Yaiima involved zero personal inconvenience and didn't ask anything of anyone else.

I hope the angels are watching over them. Norman Kerry had a brief moment in the celluloid firmament as a sex symbol. Although not gay or even really bi, he was happy to accept a blowjob from anyone, male or female.

Sadly, Louis B. Mayer put the kibosh on his career when he knocked up the very much married Irene Mayer Selznick and tonighf had to get an abortion. Nonetheless, he still has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Hot horny females in Lerona West Virginia about Norman Kerry, who I'd never heard of before.

I wonder if he made any memorable talkies? I'll have to look him up.

I've always meant to read Irene Mayer Slznick's autobiography I think it's called something like A Very Private View. She was really there in the middle of Hollywood history, a child when she moved with her family to Hollywood as dad LB took over MGM, watched the studio grow and change and then married David O Selznick in the s as he produced some of the biggest hits in the town, including GWTW. What a life! I heard decades ago, long before it was generally known that Burr was gay, that he was also into the brown paraphilia.

He was straight, but could definitely camp it up as he did with the Cowardly Lion. Lahr was also a heavy drinker, Ray Bolger said he had a flask hidden in his Lion costume. He was married at 20 to starlet Donrue Leighton, in The marriage ended in She was the love of Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima life and he remained unmarried until his death at Eddie Nugent, the tall gangly co-star of Joan Crawford in some of her first starting roles, was gay and retired to TX in Casual Hook Ups Belvidere NorthCarolina 27919 late 40s with his partner.

I've heard rumors that he Milf dating in Lenzburg openly gay and that may have been a reason why his career was so short. William S. Gary Cooper - reported to have used the casting couch with male studio executives before eventually becoming a star; also rumored to have posed for physique and nude photos before his conservative father, Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima was a judge, discovered what his son was doing and put a stop to it Father Cooper Dating free online parent single keen on the idea of his son entering the movie business to begin with.

Burt Lancaster - bisexual; posed nude and slept with studio execs before stardom as well as others afterward and wasn't shy about acknowledging either. George O'Brien - silent-era actor who had success in talkies; same as with Lancaster, never shied away from his nude and almost-nude physique photos as well as having sex with men; worked briefly with closet case Spencer Tracy Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima O'Brien turned away when Spence pursued him.

I dunno if Spencer Tracy was a closet case, but it wouldn't shock me if he used the casting couch to get ahead. The best bio on Tracy by James Curtis, who also wrote the definitive WC Fields bio, both are must reads says that the gay rumors probably started with, guess Bored Houghton sucks, Scotty Bowers which were transcribed by William J.

Mann for his bio on Kate Hepburn in which it says she was a full blown lesbian which isn't enitirely accurate, she more than likely bi-leaning.

Mann also ghostwrote Bowers' s book Full Service, which could explain why Married 420 friendly guy looking for gal rumors resurfaced lately. Tracy and O'Brien were very close early on in their careers. And didn't Tracy live on George Cukor's estate for a while? The same estate that was famous for Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima regular all male parties.

I think some have suggested his problems with drink were exacerbated by his inability Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima accept his sexuality.

It is hard to accept that his and Hepburn's relationship was anything other than platonic. I see her more as a mother figure to him than anything else Re Spencer Tracy, how do you all explain that as he was married to his wife for several decades until he diedthey had two children, and therefore had no need to beard with Hepburn? R, Robert Taylor liked the boys, but bearded with Stanwyck a. Virginia Barkley, the Woman with Backbone and Bite!

He was prettier than she was when they 'married'. For a woman! It wasn't a bearding situation, because it wasn't publicized. I think Hepburn was drawn to lost causes and he was drawn to her as a mother figure, which probably suited them both. I also think Hepburn was uncomfortable with being a total lez and probably Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima the whole romance story that eventually took hold. R And it was a useful shield for Hepburn. The doomed, tragic romance that could never be.

Good publicity. Privately, of course, Hepburn liked women. Any Ivor Novello gossip? I know he wasn't a Hollywood star per se, but he was a big star Erie lass fucked the UK. One of the craziest rumors was that he slept with Winston Churchill. Speaking of Maurice Evans, if you want to see him as his campiest check out Androcles and the Lion '52 where he plays the Emperor of Rome.

George Brent always pinged to me. He married 5 times and fathered 2 children, but the first four marriages only lasted years each. Ruth Chatterton and Ann Sheridan were among his wives. He proposed to Bette Davis, but she turned him down. Bette said he liked to put on fashion shows for her. R, this isn't really gossip but it's the only Ivor Novello story I have handy.

My partner's mother is very elderly, old enough to have seen Ivor Novello onstage. She and her friend were asked to leave a matinee for sobbing too loudly. Apparently their Swinger club Jackson behavior annoyed Mr.

Novello, who was pretending to die a romantic death in a s musical. Hearing Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima, she said, "Well you're the only woman on the lot who hasn't. I think he became a director too. Michael Lindsay-Hogg is the son of Geraldine Fitzgerald. Maurice Evans was old enough to be Farley Granger's father - I bet he was thrilled to hook up with a hot, much Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima guy. A wonderful early talkie about WW1 vets adrift not knowing what they will do with their lives.

His beauty really struck me and he was a very sympathetic actor. Maybe somebody who knows how to do Corfu NY sex dating things can post photos of him modeling swimwear for some company Horny women in Cayuga, OK when men still wore tops.

He lived to be quite old and ended up in a senior citizens home. A big fan of horror films befriended him and documented their friendship on line. It was both heartening and sad. At one point this young fan showed him his laptop computer which completely amazed Manners who said he was glad he lived most of his life in a time when they didn't exist.

Contrary to popular belief, Marilyn Monroe did not appear in a stag film at least the one that's been around for decades advertising to feature her, it's actually Playboy Playmate and MM lookalike Arlene Hunter.

But it wouldn't shock me if she did actually appear in one. R Marshall had the wooden leg. Interesting that Bette was always the Alpha, many of male co-stars were never quite on the same level of fame or power, many were superb actors Claude Rains, Marshall some were just ok- George Brent.

But Bette was the boss. Richard Chamberlain took decades to come out of the closet but didn't everyone know he Any cute girls up for a nice massage gay even back when he starred on Dr. Kildare and "dated" Carol Burnett?

Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima

R When Maurice Evans appeared with Ron Ely on a couple of episodes of the Tarzan tv series he must have thought he'd died and gome to heaven. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Can we do a thread about gay actors from Classic Hollywood? Amongst his film titles: Well, obviously, Hollywood heartthrob Rock Hudson own this thread. I am a big fan of Montgomery Clift. Stunning face and acting ability. What a Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima of talent. I love Dirk Bogarde!!!! Do any Lady wants sex CT Lakeside 6758 here have any stories?

Love Ramon Novarro. Sorry, Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima. I'm not an eldergay, just a cinephile. Novarro was murdered by two male prostitutes brothers. I've seen Thomas Beck in a couple things, didn't know he was gay. Michael Whalen was a Yakma, dark, Yaakima handsome leading man in some thirties films. I always liked Anthony Perkins. Gay actor David Manners played the slave of the vampire in the original Dracula.

He was very popular back in the 's. He was quite the looker back in the day. R2 is one of the funniest posts I've read in 10 years here. Roddy is clearly very young in that photo Damn, Farley was beautiful. William Haines. Clifton Webb. Van Johnson. Sorry, Adult want real sex Tijeras New Mexico meant R William Eythe and Lon McCallister were an item.

Hairy, too. But he was Princess Tinymeat. Richard Cromwell, Angela Lansbury's gay 1st husband!!! The great line from "Mata Hari," What's the matter, Mata?

Why haven't any of you bitches mentioned me yet? Speaking of John Wayne—he was a fag. Carleton Carpenter, still living at Wonder if he has any dish Yamima Scotty Bowers! How about Nils Asther? Tyrone Power. Phillips Holmes was quite pretty, and a nice body for Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima period. A cheat list for the gaylings".

Slideshow with the most commonly known 'mos: This second montage is gay gay gay! I'm not sure how many of the men listed here were actually gay. Looks interesting. Do you really think Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima Johnson and co. Nils and Rex on their wedding day Kate about qualifies This is a good thread. Thanks, bitches. Nils has major gayface at r A bit before Hollywood, but Mrs. Fisk was known to have coined the term "Scissor Sisters. Tom Brown was clearly a tease, R Here he is stroking Richard Dix's gun in Hell's Highway.

Brown and gay Richard Cromwell in Annapolis Farewell. R80 Very informative and ironic. Is there any more gay dirt in the Howard Strickling files? I prefer Farrell. And I thought he was dee-vine tonihht look at with a luscious voice. Farley Granger was at his most beautiful in Rope Farley Granger, happy and handsome. R82, "You're too short for otnight gesture. Besides, it went out with Mrs.

Allan Jones. A good singer but not very handsome.

R I totally agree. No comparison to the version. The Golden Couple. I don't care what anybody's daughter says, Cary and Randy were clearly in love. Any more tidbits? Also, made a film with Tony Perkins Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima the early 60s. R, how did you get access to the files?

Do you have any more gossip from the files to share with us? David E? This is a bit off topic, but has an accurate biography of Judy Garland been published? Also Raymond Burr. Did Danny Kaye have a string of same sex affairs, or or was it just Larry Olivier?

His wife sounds Lonelh a bulldozer. Gene Kelly was involved in the casting couch R, at least indirectly. I wish I'd thought of him during the thread on how we envisage our fellows DLers. Monty Woolley used to cruise for sailors with seekinf pal Cole Porter. By the way, do you ever make these files available to film researchers? Expert adult women mature seeks tongue toy, why would you believe anything "fraus" Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Yakima Fangurls are all certifiable.

My favorite role. He owns every scene he is in. Sexx sure sign of an insane fangirl. We already did this in the Scotty Bowers threads.

Jimmy Stewart was bi? R Thanks ,ady that's a great idea. More about Jimmy Stewart! Were Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart more than roommates? Darwin Porter rides again!

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