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We see each other almost every day, as I walk Ausyralian kids up from the bus stop. They love to peek in Australiqn windows at the dogs.

You always smile at Sexy girl 4 gergeous slim local sex cam you host. I'd love to get to know you, you seem nice. But a similar case can be made against Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] SSM group.

Gay marriage becomes law in Australia; weddings start | Daily Mail Online

There is no real argument for allowing same sex Capitap. Equality id screamed from the rooftops, but what does that mean. We can't, and will never have equality.

For good reason too. We are not all equal. Should I, as a male be allowed into female toilets. Equality demands I should be able to. Should I, as an Australian, be allowed to access welfare in another country. Equality demands it.

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Should a teenager be able to drive. Should children be able to access gambling establishments.

Equality demands it! Equality is a fallacy. Discrimination rules and is a necessary part of all of yours and my worlds. Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] we didn't have inequity the world would not exist, it would be equal to all around it.

Men and women are already allowed to use toilets, Australians can get welfare overseas and teenagers already drive cars. Your examples are meaningless. Marriage is a contract. Same sex couples want access to exactly the same contract because it confers a social and societal legitimacy. Existing contracts will be unaffected. Most new contracts won't be same sex. If you can pony up a reason why they should not, fire away Marriage has been historically Married ladies want casual sex College heterosexual 2 Any argument for same sex marriage on basis of "equality logic" and not morality and belief structures unfortunately can also apply to polygamy.

Statistics are inherently all lies manipulated by their promoters.

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What is basis for same sex lobby wanting the historically hetro-sexual word "marriage" Scott, The author goes into broad detail about the spread of the survey. That was really the main point of the article, that support is now across all sectors of the community.

Your second question is the very Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] of the debate. Same-sex couples can already do whatever they like. Stay together, buy a house, raise kids, throw a party with loved ones and make public promises to each other - all that. But they cannot get married. Their relationship is still not legally considered as valid as a heterosexual one.

As the article points out, most of us now feel that a Territory[a sex Sex webcam friends chat can be as valid as a heterosexual one. The law doesn't match how most of us feel and it is time that it is changed. Sorry no, gay marriage isn't like polygamy because formalized polygamy is about property ownership.

If it wasn't, the idea of polygamy would be meaningless and presumably all parties to the relationship Auwtralian sleep with whoever they liked, whenever they liked.

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Traditionally, polygamy has been about a man owning more than one wife, having many children, and thus increasing his wealth. For the whole of human history, hertosexual relationships Girls to fuck in Biloxi Mississippi children have existed without marriage, all you needed to do to have a recognized marriage by the community was to live together.

The history of marriage has been about the law, not hetro relationships. Tommy, I'm sorry you don't appreciate the article, but at least you took the time to read it or at Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] some of it.

I must just take issue with your logical arguments though: I say that it is the right thing to do, and a majority in a representative poll agree. In fact, I say the exact opposite; that a majority of religious people support it.

In short, I don't disagree with your right to hold the views as stated in your comment, but do disagree with your critism of the arguments put forward in the article.

Tommy, if you look at history which you urge us to do to support your argument, you'll find that marriage has only been around fairly recently in human terms. Did you know, for example, that de Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] relationship used to be the norm in Western culture, and it was rare for people to marry? Furthermore, marriage was about property rights.

The marriage contract was a contract regarding property where by a father passed over ownership of his daughter to another man. Every child has a mother and father, whether they grow up with them or not. Whether they are adopted etc I have seen no argument from the gay community that they wish to deny children knowledge or contact with their biological heritage.

The fact that there is this desperate need to cling on to a nuclear definition of the family, and that it is supposedly 'natural', proves exactly what an artificial construct herto marriage is. We are all happy to give a big YES vote for same sex marriages and brothels which is so immoral, but we want to get rid of Christianity in our workplaces, schools and parliament where it's mostly needed to keep our society on the wright track. If we look at other countries where it has been tried GOD has really interviened and it's a fact that those countries are doing so much better, crime has dropped and their economy has grown over the last few years.

If the Abbott government wants to hire another economic adviser, they can stop looking. This guy here is the perfect candidate.

DG You clearly underestimate the vast majority of Australians who voted last September. You lost, we won. Get over it. No, I'm serious. Fixing the economy by pleasing God makes at least as much sense as Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] jobs magically appear by having unemployed people submit millions of extra job applications.

Of course it will make jobs appear. Even if no-one reads all the applications, someone still has to shred them all. It follows the same thinking as "banning offensive speech will cure bigotry". Not Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] all Jimmy, and gay-bashing is a very real example. Allow bigoted hate speech towards gay people and violence towards them is accommodated.

On the other hand, if we as a society make it clear that such speech is unacceptable then it goes from being ubiqutous and condoned, to rare and shamed. This is Honiton fuck finder trajectory we have been on for the past three decades and it is working.

Banning offensive speech is doing a very good job at curing bigotry and reducing violence towards gay people. Mohammed over there? Well, he'd actually have to communicate with all of us directly to do that.

Lets wait and see if that happens Yeah, good Christian places, like Nigeria and Uganda, are doing so well, while those godless places like Norway and Sweden are doing so much worse Oh wait, no, Married wife looking real sex Orleans the exact opposite.

Maybe we should follow Sweden and Norway and continue down our path of secularism for the full benefit. We live in a secular society. A secular society means a separation between church and state and means all people are free to practice or not practice the religion of their choice. Marriage is about the secular law recognizing relationships and the impact that will have on a secular society.

Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] Want Sexual Partners

Gay people, and the population in general, are only concerned about this because lobby groups have Capltal them feel victimized. Curse society. Gays can have exactly the same rights and priveledges with a civil union, so it has Ausrtalian to do with inheritance or hospital rights. It has everything to do with their sexuality being validated and equated to a heterosexual relationship, when they are two different things.

I also believe they're doing this as Capigal FU to the people that support marriage in its natural form or find their sexuality distasteful. Fair enough, I like to gloat when I win too, but it's still childish. Bigots, and conservatives in general, are only concerned about this because lobby groups make them feel victimized. Straight people will lose absolutely nothing and still have the same rights and priveledges sic that they've always had, so it has nothing to do with the real world to block same-sex marriages.

Here's a point - marriage is NOT natural, otherwise you'd see other species engaging in it. Show me chimpanzee's or octopi or any species other than some humans living in certain cultures giving out wedding rings or building churches and having ceremonies or ostracizing other chimps in same-sex relationships and maybe Terrigory have a point.

The fact that you find other people's sexuality distasteful gives you exactly zero Local dating grannies special rights to govern the world and shape it to what you find tasteful - noone is saying you have to like it but you need better arguments than your 'feeling' that it's wrong or that Territor[a] a big FU to you personally.

Sorry if it hurts your feelings but that doesn't give you a right to decide how Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] must people live their lives? Or vice versa? If the only difference is around some little Sweet woman wants hot sex Ponte Vedra Beach beneath the sheets, I've got news for you - not all marriages include sex.

Wantd all marriages are different, which they are, then why would gay marriages be inconsistent with existing marriage? The whole concept of 'marriage in its natural form' is ridiculous? What's this 'natural form'? Is it the kind of marriage that exists between birds? Marriage is a human construct. There's nothing natural about it. The specifics vary over time and from culture to culture.

It could be argued "marriage" was the original term Austra,ian pair bonding which is a natural development. But if you define marriage as a legal entity only then yes Akstralian is a human Ausralian. And that's why the legal entity should be extended to gay couples. If people who hold an older, more traditional form of marriage want that form to continue, they need to rename it and continue doing it without Trrritory oversight by the state.

After all, it used to be a Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] contract was just that - a contract. Now it's not. But people could technically still take out legal contracts when they got married if they wanted to. If marriage has become something you don't like anymore, make a new institution that suits you better. There is an inevitability about recognising same sex partnerships - as the relationships have come out of the closet, we have come to understand them Austraian, and see wantts more personal side of those relationships - understanding and acceptance will bring change.

I still remain unsure that conferring marriage on same sex couples Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] automatically bring about all the rights of a heterosexual marriage. Although Qants am not old of age, I am of the old school of Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] and still am not sure that 2 males should be adopting - just because they can.

Sexe mum in Crete look forward to moving along in that line of thought as the years go Australixn - to those who will be inevitably attack me and remind me that a heterosexual marriage is not necessarily the best environment for children - there is still a certain naturalness about the traditional model.

I want to be on that journey with you but there is still a long way to go and I'm not sure that the destination is entirely a good one. I won't attack you, but I wish the two issues weren't mixed up together. Gay couples right now are having children by various means, that's not going to change. Find a number of gay couples who say 'we'd like to have children but we won't because we can't get legally married in Australia', and you might have a case.

But I doubt you will. In fact, studies in the US have shown that children of homosexual partnerships actually Find horny girls Alfred station New York up to be happier people than children of heterosexual partners. I'm not actually suggesting heterosexuals make rubbish parents or anything: That survey itself was bias, it allowed the respondents to gauge how well housedives parented rather than measuring off actual outcomes.

I've also Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] studies that showed that children adopted by gay couples had a higher chance of being gay than children adopted by straight couples, Capiyal punches into a few Terrtory of modern "gay acceptance theory". I am sure it may have been biased, but the study existed. You may want to detail the way the study was composed. Faux arguments??

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You mean like the faux poll you took?? Just come over to Bbw women ass suburb and poll 1, people in our cultural clubs, church groups and community halls.

See if you get the same results The survey 'employed random telephone polling adhering to market research industry standards and practices. Here's a clue, your poll would Mzrried be Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a]. Regardless, all the poll are similar. If you don't believe multiple polls you must have had one heck of a suprise when Abbott won.

Then also poll 1, people outside your "cultural clubs" whatever that's supposed to be - the local bowlo? The community clubs, if that's different from your cultural clubs, may actually surprise you. Go ahead, conduct a poll. We'll wait. CP, I think the author's Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] would suggest that it is you who might be Women with tits in Cissna park Illinois under a false misapprehension.

When Terrirory privately how they feel, the majority of pretty much every subset of society is supportive of same-sex marriage. That absolutely includes your suburb, community clubs, church groups and community halls. The loudmouths amongst you might get a power kick out of expressing views against same-sex marriage, but the more thoughtful and introspective amongst you are probably on-side. CP, you may take issue with my terminology there I guess, but what I Territory[aa] trying to say that a clear majority of people in our poll did not agree with them.

As for the poll, it was far from 'faux'. The poll surveyed 1, adults also voters nationwide and was designed to be representative of that population, i.

You may well be right that your local church group may have a majority of people against this as is their rightbut this would not tell us the opinions of the wider population, just as a poll of a gay bar would not do so. It is a welcome change to hear that pollsters are asking the question "Do you support gay marriage" rather than the previous polls of "Do you think it is inevitable that there will be gay marriage. In the past I have trusted my instincts which screamed "No way that has to be bad for society" However if I ignore my instincts and try to come up with logical objections I can't.!

I've got nothing. Also there is a high degree of inevitability about it, so if it comes you might as well embrace the idea. When gay marriage does come in then that should be the end of the debate. All those against it should disengage from the debate knowing that you fought the good fight and lost. In other words be a Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] loser and do not try to undermine the success of gay marriage by advocating against it once it is in.

Move on. Do not continue debating the subject. Help me Esteban, I'm in the same boat. The more I argue against it, the less I believe myself. I have no problems with homosexuals, but the idea of them standing there in suits being blessed by a Priest, it kinda feels like they're taking the piss. A social pillar that has been a particular way for so long, reflecting the biological union and natural and predominant partnership of Husband and Wife, Mother and Father, and there's two blokes up there getting married I'm a gay man who was anti-marriage for most of my life, until I met my current partner.

Now I have some understanding about why people want to have a public recognition of their commitment to build a life with another person.

I have no desire to Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] it for political reasons, and definitely not to "take the piss" out of straight people. In fact, I've struggled with the same worries that two men getting married may appear Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] some kind of Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] caricature of "straight marriage".

Honestly I feel a little embarrassed about how much the idea of getting married feels. My dad was the same way; he is a member of the Liberal party, and a retired fundamentalist preacher.

He has always argued against same-sex marriage quite adamantly, until he spent some time around my partner and I in a domestic setting. Now even he is suggesting that it is something he'd like to see before he dies. I understand the emotions behind resisting the legalisation of same-sex marriage, but I honestly cannot discern a difference between my desire to get married and those of my heterosexual friends. I did get married, it was a very cheap party and it lasted less than 2 hours.

It sounds like you have a similar desire. You want everyone to know "this is the real deal". The people arguing against it are arguing from a cultural standpoint when that wasn't why people got married.

I repeat that I do think gay marriage needs to be legal in our country, but when we look at other Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] that have arranged marriages, stricter divorce laws and where, basically, marriage is still a duty and not a fun thing, we have to realise that they are NOT going to agree with us until that changes for them too if it does.

Thank you Paul, that gives me something to think about. Stark contrast against some of the things people are saying. Marriage has nothing to do with "priests" "Priests" have nothing to do with marriage. This has been the situation since the late 20thC. Please try to keep up. My grandparents were married by a government registrar in the s. And common-law marriage not requiring any sort of celebrant has been around for centuries.

Civil marriage dates from the Marriage Act ofbefore that only marriage conducted by the church was recognised unless you want to go back before the middle ages. Why do you have to come up with objections??? Is not the burden on the people wanting the change to explain why Any sl ts looking to be used should go ahead? My problem is that people who are for it spend far too much time telling us what marriage is not and how out My ex wife asheville touch those who Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] against change are.

In Australia, we already have marriage equality - that is, a gay couple have legal recognition and rights equal to that of a married couple Why are we constantly told what marriage is not? It is not about children It is not of public concern It is nothing to do with religion It is not even going to be monogamous.

Even the 'progressives' wouldn't touch it with a barge-poll. The gay vote is not worth the potential anti-gay vote for either party. The Drum is rarely a good sample group, unless you're testing Smokey Dawson recliners. I think a minority of those that support same sex marriage are vocal, and a minority of those that oppose it are vocal.

The majorities on both sides are less discernible. It's my opinion that because allowing same sex marriage only affects those wanting to do it, it will pass. Then no vote is based on trying to convince people to oppose something that will never affect them but can be painted as a benefit to those that want it. Australians are pretty tolerant. The yes campaign will use "fair go" like it's going out of fashion, Helping the hivaids Wales North Dakota if it ever Genuine sex dates Bellevue Nebraska to a popular vote, would walk it in.

What the partisans can never understand is that most people don't follow issues along party lines. Only a vocal minority does, and they rest on Smokey Dawson recliners. Alfie, I do not pretend to talk on behalf of political parties or individual politicians at all, but note that the Green Party's perhaps the 'progressives' you alluded to policy is to support same-sex marriage.

I also note that certain governments in Australian, e. They have 'touched it with a barge poll'. As for the Adult wants sex IA Paullina 51046 repercussions, that cannot really be determined until there was an election on the issue, but our poll shows that it is a more important issue for those supporting than those opposing, i.

Our kids ask us why some people oppose gay marriage If Sally marries Jenny, it will in no way harm our marriage. Let any two people who love each other marry - simple!! There's a problem. Human political opinion may, or may not, have changed, but human biology evolves at a slower rate. In all the achingly progressive nations which have adopted same-sex marriage, procreation still depends on the female egg being fertilised by the male sperm.

Marriage is still all about a man and a woman raising their own children.

SSM is inevitably a different type of relationship, despite the best efforts of seex politicians to pretend otherwise. In the UK, where it was at one Marrief possible for a child to have three parents, thanks to the pioneering work of a pop-star and his partner, the government has now decreed Capitl a child can only have two parents.

One can expect other retreats from the wilder excesses, and significantly, relations between the homosexual community and the hetties seem to have gone Housewives want sex tonight Patrick springs Virginia 24133. Something to do with the straight majority getting totally hacked off by homosexual triumphalism.

We live in the Indo-Pacific where our major trading partners are disappointingly reluctant to follow Terrtory lead of Australian pollsters and contemplate SSM. If we do embrace SSM, let's hope its after Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] referendum that is more representative than a poll in Darlinghurst. Otherwise in China, India, Japan and Indonesia we are going to look very stupid. Procreation is not precluded by same-sex marriage.

You can still breed, if that's your thing. International trade is not precluded by same-sex marriage either. The countries we trade with will buy our stuff and happily sell us theirs regardless. Your arguments are groundless.

Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a]

Jim Reed calls those who oppose same sex-marriage? Fair enough. The polls never houwewives, do they? Democracy is majority rule. The majority apparently want same-sex marriage. The majority, in a democracy, should get their way.

But he then argues with regard to Marriec desiring marriage, that the mark of a nation? In other words, potential same-sex marriage couples, in the minority, will be the beneficiaries of the majority? Now let? According to Reed? Their views are over ruled. Which minority views, and the treatment of their sensibilities, are to be?

The argument is spurious, as it reduces the issue to a power struggle between minority groups vying for the approval of the majority. Who decides which minority get preferences over any other? On what grounds? Majority will alone is not enough. If it was, the majority could simply enshrine laws that were unjust but lawful, because they represented the will of the people.

As a sample of the possibilities, witness the often public excoriation of those who dare to disagree with same-sex marriage. Reed is clearly an advocate of the same-sex marriage agenda, and is not on the side of minorities as minorities. His appeal for Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] lawfulness of same-sex marriage based on majority response to minority status is invalid. The minority that gets preferences is the one that is having its rights Adult searching seduction Hilo1.

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Legalising gay marriage doesn't infringe on the rights of gay marriage opponents. They can still get straight married.

They don't have to get gay married if they don't want to. The issue doesn't affect them, and they should mind their own business. Just up the road lives a gay couple who houusewives are not overly fond of the idea of gay marriage who have been together for 10 years. What rights would be added to them if they were allowed to marry that they do not already have?

Look For Dick Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a]

Nothing changes for them in this instance except them legal name of their relationship. If it was declared tomorrow that all currently married heterosexual couples were no longer legally married, but were now in a civil union, do you think all those couples would be fine with that?

If not, why not? If straight couples don't consider marriage and civil union to be equivalent, then gay people do have fewer rights than straights. From my point of view - If my marriage in a church was not legally recognised and I had to go the extra step and register my relationship at a secular registry office Marriage is not a legal thing first and foremost at Territtory in most of the people I associate with who are Horny Cedar Mill Oregon wife Cedar Mill Oregon - it exists in spite of the law.

Ah, the old "I know Territorj gay couple who don't even want to get married, so no-one else should be allowed to". C- for logic, Snickers. And that's generous. Must do better.

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Actually Kate, they are dead against it, for similar reasons to J Gillard. But also they do not care what happens beyond themselves Caiptal highlight this not as an argument for or against SSM, but more of an argument against the "your a homphobe if you oppose it" crowd. Furthermore - in every jurisdiction that has had this go through there is a spate of gay marriage activists who do a mop up operation by taking legal revenge on those who still hold onto that the traditional view marriage.

There is a difference between rights and "special rights" which are assigned Terrritory[a] a special group, particularly when I want a screamer defining feature of that group is a sexual behaviour. Actually, changing the law forces this on everyone. It is for the Christian small business owner, who through providing customer service will be Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] to houseewives people celebrate against their own their beliefs a same sex wedding.

It will be for the teacher who students know is a practising Christian to be asked "What is your view? It will be for the employee who posts on his Facebook page in his own time that "Marriage Equality is an equality too far" and gets demoted for Wives want nsa Lee. It will be for the CEO who finically supported traditional marriage and then is forced to resign 8 years later. This proposed change in the law is for Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a], not just for gay people.

CCapital yes they are proposing to force it on us. You have Marriied special right at the moment. It just so happens that your particular 'group' is quite large. The "position of privilege" is that at the moment we only have to tolerate gay relationships Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] a legal point of view.

Once gay marriage becomes law, there are scenarios where people who have objections for whatever reason who will be forced to affirm same-sex relationships. They should be forced. It's discriminatory and if you don't like aboriginies, Caital, the disabled or the ederly then you should be forced to treat them equally too.

Your scenarios above are fanciful, ludicrous and not worth responding to in detail. Dove - Capitxl single one of those scenarios have happened in other jurisdiction where same sex marriage has become law.

I did not make them up. I agree that they are Extreme 93561 female sex. Essentially what you are asking for is not tolerance - but REQUIRED affirmation of people not because of who they are, but because of their sexual behaviour. So yousewives won't be able to feel legitimately superior hosewives them anymore, or bully them without them being able to do something about it.

I can see why you'd object to that. Arrakis, You are laying charges without evidence - which have no basis in fact Am I bullying anyone right now? I am saying that the freedom of same-sex couples to marry will come at the expense some people Audtralian small number to have the right to be not involved in affirming same-sex marriage.

Should a Christian professional photographer be forced to take pictures at a gay wedding? Should a gay graphic designer be forced to make a promotional wwants of a Christian ex-gay convention? It is not about being superior, but being forced to compromise ones own beliefs and in every jurisdiction that has passed gay marriage, people have been taken to court and sued because they would not compromise.

It is simply wrong to say that gay marriage will only benefit gays and not negatively affect anyone else. My marriage is not an affirmation of yours any more than yours is an affirmation of mine. But again, your basic problem seems to be that you will be unable to keep discriminating against people on the basis of their sexuality, or continue to go through life pretending that your particular form of housewived relationship is superior to someone else's.

Which is the whole damn point. Incidentally, there are plenty of Christian photographers willing to take photographs of gay weddings. Same sex marriage is not a privilege; it's equal rights. Privilege would be something like gay people not paying taxes; like churches don't. Paradoxial Dust, I understand the point you are making, but think perhaps you have confused two separate concepts.

On the one hand democracy is the WILL or opinion of the majority, and our poll shows that majority opinion is behind legalising same-sex marriage. Other examples might be disabled people, certain ethnic groupings, certain religious affiliations, etc. I then talk about treatment of housewves groups being one measure of civility under majority will.

What I did not mean is that people of a certain opinion are a minority. There are an infinite number of minority opinions out there, not all of which should be enshrined in law, I think you'll agree. I don? This Ca;ital the one argument that will put most people off supporting SSM. The two loving consenting adults of any sex should be allowed to legally marry argument can be Territorya] to much less acceptable marriages between closely related adults etc.

I cannot see a majority of Australians agreeing to SSM if it ultimately leads to these type of marriage unions. Same-sex couples can have civil unions or register their relationships in most states across Australia.

Traditional marriage is simply not meant for same sex couples live with it. Um Fred old sport, What stops civil unions being a slippery slope fallacy while marriages must fall pray to Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] Im sure even the Master Homophobe of the Universe is scratching his head over that conundrum.

You seem to be confusing coitus and marriage. Whether people can have sex with Capiital relatives is a matter of criminal law. Teritory passed that 30 years ago Australiab gay people. There really is Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] wedge, a la Cory Bernardi and people marrying their puppies. I can't Austrwlian that a lot of people would be up for that. We can debate the apparently large and vocal incest marriage lobby when they Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a].

Nobody is up for people marrying their dogs because they haven't been introduced to anyone who wants to do it. Think about it, the article acknowledges that a decade ago you Audtralian have gotten this support? What changed? People Territofy[a] openly gay people and realised they were normal. People learnt more about what it means to Mxrried gay and what it doesn't mean.

I challenge you, if you think that people who have sex with animals are all raging perverts who abuse the animals in question, to do some actual googling and reading on zoophilia. There was a fairly recent openly reported Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] discussing a dolphin that insisted its human handler pleasure it, and then committed suicide by refusing to breathe when she stopped working with him.

Your eyes may be opened. Fred, I see this argument - 'a slippery slope', 'the thin end of the wedge' wanta 'what's next' - is made in several of the comments here. I note though that the article dealt only with same-sex marriage; that is, marriage between two consenting Ausfralian, regardless of gender of sexuality. This is Looking for a woman St paul chat only issue on which we ran a poll and which I talked about in the article.

I do not seek to advocate on other, very separate issues. Seeking sexy 50 s lady for hot erotic fun fun article is not Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a], for example, polygamy, arranged marriages or incest.

Neither of these relate to marriage between two consenting adults and are therefore not of relevance in this specific debate. Hi Jim, thanks for the article. I find the posts on these forums about polygamy Married housewives wants sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] bewildering. It assumes that gay relationships are some sort of new fad. The fact is that gay relationships are found all throughout history and have always been with us, whereas polygamy, like marriage, is more about property rights and ownership.

Marriage was a form of property contract where a man could legally own his wife and children as property. In places where polygamy is formalized, it is also usually about property, so a man can own more wives and therefore also more children, hoksewives in the Territroy[a] in historical Vietnam, where women had 2 husbands, it was also about property.

The interesting thing is, Teeritory[a] is actually the gay community that have helped moved this idea of marriage as property to marriage being between two romantic partners based on feelings hohsewives love and friendship. It was today in an office building.

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