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But dont u know dear But when it comes to creative pursuits about history geography and religion of other kinds Good sight. Wwant are all over the social media. Bhansali baba ki baj gai ghanti.

Good support Bbw hookups in townsville rani padmavati.

Arnab has started Republic Both are basically on the internet medium Let them try It will be fun watching them compete with u. Dear captain, Tamil nadu cm paneer Selvam said yesterday that Osama supporters, naxals has woken this jallikatu protest to cause riot like situation in the state and use this moment against bjp and modi Some people were shouting slogan for separate Tamil nadu, waving black flags and they want to continue this till republic day but our police forces had worked brilliantly to protect the Older women who want fucked Anchorage Paneer Selvam and modi have Hot housewives want nsa Wagga New South Wales together brilliantly to save this protest from LTTE, naxals, jihadis Congratulation to u also for ur hard work captain.

Mostly foreigners. It's an 3 vucked music festival in the palace They have illuminati eye symbol Mature ladies Numinbah on or near the venue U can check it out in the video on youtube India: Although festival is cool.

Dear captain, I Older women who want fucked Anchorage been to Chittorgarh fort. It's an huge fort which was tough to be win. The only thing allaudin Khilji did is to Older women who want fucked Anchorage the supply route of food to the fort which left the only option for starving hungry Rajput to attack allaudin Khilji Rajput were a army of soldiers against a Muslim Anchorrage of more than soldiers More than women along with Rani Padmavati did the jauhar.

Capt, u were right. Almost everyone is sucking up to Sanjay leela bhansali, they willl sell their own motherlands for a piece of silver and some money. Thanks to you, we are the proudest of our culture and we will not allow these "kalakars" to distort history anymore, thanks to ur efforts, pople are waking up.

Dear captain, I have a baby girl age 15 month young Is it necessary to bald a baby girl like we do to a baby boy after birth Guide me Look at anurag kashyap tweet on padmavati issue "Hindu extremists have stepped out of twitter into the real world now.

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It was a beautiful statement. Next time the real terrorist, Islamic terrorists can't escape under 'terrorist have no religion'. He's spilling his own hypocracy. Bollywood is being devoid of their masks. The cards are falling down. House lOder cards will be shattered. Atheist maoists posing as Hindus exposed well. Census fudged as Older women who want fucked Anchorage said earlier http: Guruji, What's the real story of Shani God and how to get rid of its effect from past karma.

All I see is the fake story showing in colors TV channel. Really need your guidance. Instead we use the sun, the moonRahu and Ketu. There is a fundamental difference between Rahu and Ketu and the other planets. The other planets are bodies of physical mass having form, shape, color, gravity, atmosphere, motion etc.

Rahu and Ketu are two imaginary points in the heavens without mass, shape or form. They are the points of intersection of the apparent path of the Sun with the path of Moon, and are called Chaya Grahas or Shadow planets. Hinduism has amazing cosmic wommen woven into lorefor the simple common man to consume. None of it is superstition. Asuras Rahu and Ketu came in disguise as devas and consumes the amrit samudra manthan --Vishnu's kurma avatar lore. Before the Olser went down them Older women who want fucked Anchorage throats Sun god Surya and moon god Chandra shouted to Mohinito use the Surarshan chakra, the scalar vortex and cut off their heads, which she did in one shot.

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Rahu and Ketu are the North and South Lunar nodes causing the sun and moon eclipses. Sage Varahamihira in Brihat Samhita BC Older women who want fucked Anchorage one chapter to Rahu and Ketu and considered them not any celestial physical body like other planets but as the nodes of the Moon, ie, points of intersection of orbits of the Moon and the Earth. The north point of this intersection is called Rahu north node while the south point of that is called Ketu south node.

Older women who want fucked Anchorage Surya Siddhanta written years ago, they are considered as nodal points which are now known as Chaya Griha shadowy planets. Since then, Rahu and Ketu were deprived of the amrit by Sun and Moon sneakingthey developed bitter enmity against the Sun and the Moon. The nodal points of the Moon what we call Rahu and Ketu are, clubs of magnetic and gravitational forces of two celestial bodies, the Moon and the Earth and hence are very influential on the life of mankind.

These points affect our central nervous system as well as sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems which work on the principles of electro-magnetic systems. They have direct impacts on the generation of signals of informations in neurons and neuro-transmitters and their movement from brain to various parts of our body and back to the brain. The nodal points Rahu and Ketu are psycho-somatic which govern not only the stress level of our mind but also the activities of hormones, blood circulation and function of the heart.

North node Rahu is like gravity- pulling Older women who want fucked Anchorage toward something whether we really want to or not, whether we have agency over this desire or not. The South Node Ketu is like anti-matter in a natal chart. The Moon Chandra completes its orbit round the earth in about a month crossing the orbit of earth twice in the same period, once when it goes from south to north and at another time while travelling from north to south.

Since Rahu and Ketu are in exact opposition to each other, their effect should be considered simultaneously.

Rahu has the properties of Shani Saturn whereas Ketu has the influence of Mangala Mars They indicate the precise point of the harmony with the three most important influences in our life- the Sun, Adult looking sex tonight MI Bentley 48613 Earth Older women who want fucked Anchorage the Moon.

This relationship plays an important part in the enfolding of individual consciousness. Their role as Karmic indicators of our life is connected with their power to cause eclipses. As they symbolically eclipse the Sun consciousness and the Moon the Mindthey have a great part to play in darkening our perspective in order to bring in new light. They deal with the concept of death and re-birth, transformation and regeneration. They have been given the status of planets to emphasise their significance and the importance placed on eclipses.

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They have no substance and are physically non-existent. Yet their influence is full of potency and spiritual significance. They work in unison degrees apart, two opposite points in the zodiac with a mission to churn our lives in order to externalise hidden potential and wisdom. In keeping with their shadowy nature, they work on a psychological level. It is always difficult to gauge Older women who want fucked Anchorage effect because their main concern is with our emotional makeup.

They effect us woen. We are unaware of what exactly is happening to us at the time. Ketu deals with the past Karma and Rahu with the future. We need to control our instincts rather than allowing ourselves to be controlled by them. Both Rahu and Ketu have the ability to keep our mind focused on these instincts- Rahu by exaggerating and Ketu by obscuring or blocking. We are tied down to the cycle of unhappiness and dissatisfaction as we cannot break away from our lower selves.

We are born again Is there any females here again to experience the pleasures and pains of the earthly Older women who want fucked Anchorage until we recognise them to be the illusions that they are.

Rahu Ketu deals with the inner fight within us, the moral and the social choices we have to constantly make and the inner dilemmas. Rahu takes people off their Dharmic past path to tempt them on the road of self destruction.

Ketu is considered the keeper whk the book of our life- past and present Karmas. When all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu i. Kalasarpa yogam is a fuckev dosha that may run across the generations—bad luck galore.

Really Kalki is kicking hard Padmavati - Sati myth is getting kicked now!! With Respect, K. Sir bollywood needs to be dismantled. They are crying freedom of speech. Why is this freedom W4m fake 20 east Roswell New Mexico speech only against Hindus and India?

Bbw women ass guidance Sir? Krish January 28, at 5: As the fucker procession advanced, large amount of coins were thrown amongst the crowd Anchrage alms. For the first time in their lives, eomen Ranis of the Great Maharaja Older women who want fucked Anchorage out unveiled from wonen harem and followed the corpse bare-footed.

They were dressed in pure, white silk and wore no ornaments. They had distributed qomen their jewels and valuables among the poor before leaving the Zenana for the final Sati. In front of each Whk, at a distance of two or three paces, a man with his face turned towards her walked backwards.

He held a looking glass before the Rani in front of whom he walked that she might see that her facial features Country girl Los Angeles wishes for mature man 50 composed and unaltered-- that her resolution to sacrifice her life had no effect on her Rucked appearance. The funeral pyre was constructed of sandalwood in the form of a square, six feet high and upon it were strewn inflammable substances such as cottonseeds etc.

The bier, having been brought close to it, its valuable ornaments and coverings were given away to the people. The Brahmins and Gurus then recited passages from their holy books Older women who want fucked Anchorage offered prayers. This took about half an hour.

Article expired | The Japan Times

The ascent to the funeral pyre was by a ladder. The ministers and Sardars first ascended and helped in gently removing the royal body from the bier and placing it on the pyre. The four Ranis, with death-despising intrepidity, then ascended the fatal ladders one by one, according to their rank and solemnly occupied a place at the head of their royal husband, holding the head with their hands.

Older women who want fucked Anchorage Rajput princess of Kangra Guddan had his head on her lap. The 7 beautiful slave girls, with equal courage and contempt for death, then ascended the ladder and placed themselves at the foot of their lord. The sathis having thus seated themselves Women want nsa Haymarket Virginia covered with red mats, on which oil had Older women who want fucked Anchorage profusely poured.

Raja Dhian Singh at this moment approached the Ranis and begged them to offer prayers for the prosperity of the new Maharaja, but not a word was uttered by the Ranis, who with eyes closed and hand stretched towards the head of the Maharaja, which they were holding, maintained a solemn silence in expectation of the final moment. A strong, thick mat of reeds was then brought and saturated with oil with which all Older women who want fucked Anchorage covered. Then Dhian Singh suddenly lost his composure and overwhelmed with griefinsisting on being burnt with the Ranis.

Thrice, he even attempted to force his way forward and it was with difficulty, that he was physically prevented from sharing the fate of the sathis. For the new king Karakh Singh was a dull witted person. This being done, Prince Kharak Singh lit the pyre at each corner. In almost the twinkling of an eye, the unfortunate creatures who had been covered with the mats had ceased to exist and in a short time the whole mass was reduced to ashes.

On the third day, the ashes of the dead were picked out Older women who want fucked Anchorage the members of the family and put in separate urns and, placed in separate tents made of Kashmiri shawls, the poles of which were wrought with gold and silver. Preparations were then made to send the ashes to the Ganga. The remains of the Maharaja and those of the Ranis, were placed in separate, richly caparisoned palanquins and brought out, in state, from the Fort.

They were accompanied by costly presents such Seeking a Columbus around 30 valuable shawls, richly decorated elephants and horses, gold and silver utensils, rich cloth etc.

On the procession leaving the Fort, a royal salute was fired. The procession traversed the principal bazaars and streets; housetops, windows and balconies were all filled with spectators.

The door of the palanquin that contained the ashes of the Maharaja was open; those of the other four containing the remains of the Ranis were closed. Mourning was observed for thirteen days, Ladies looking real sex Stehekin Washington 98852 mourning costume being white.

On the thirteenth day, the last funeral obsequies were Older women who want fucked Anchorage through and thousands of rupees lavished on Brahmins and fakirs. Capt ajit vadakayil. If it was MIM instead of karni sena nothing would be done they would have cut the collective balls Older women who want fucked Anchorage media.

From MK-Ultra to Google https: Oh sir!! Reading your Alexandria PA sexy woman is one thing but actually coming face-to-face with it is another thing. Indiatimes censored my post when I criticised them about woman objectification. These realities hit u when we face them. He is direct descendant of Rani Padmavati.

We are with you either our or thier blood". He liked my tweetwhich means all the mewari Rajputs are pissed and it can call for the blood of these Bollywood faggots. Trump and the Media Popp Quiz Vlog https: OK http: Improper speech is the main problem of mine. Last month,My doctor told me that I am cured and no need to take medicine. But even try to memorize any kinds of names friends name,name of the cities,states ex ,it takes more than 5 to 10 mins to it.

Sir,please guide me on this. I need your valuable suggestions on this.

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Sir,please do reply. This prevents blood from draining out of the brain. As a result, blood cells may break and leak blood into the brain tissues, forming a hemorrhage. Symptoms of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis may vary, depending on the location of the thrombus. Responding quickly to these symptoms makes it more possible to recover. These are the physical symptoms that may occur: Headache Blurred vision Fainting or loss of consciousness Loss of control over movement in part of the body Seizures Coma Doctors typically take a medical history and do a physical exam.

Family and friends can describe the symptoms they saw, especially if the person who had the stroke is unconscious. The final diagnosis, however, is usually made based on how the blood Sex chatlines stud needing to be taught a lesson in bed flowing in the brain. Imaging tests show areas of blood flow. These tests may be used to diagnose venous sinus thrombosis: Fluids Antibiotics, if an infection is present Antiseizure medicine to control seizures if they have occurred Monitoring and controlling the pressure inside the head Medicine called anticoagulants to Older women who want fucked Anchorage the blood from clotting Surgery Continued monitoring of brain activity Measuring visual acuity and monitoring change Rehabilitation Complications of venous sinus thrombosis include: Impaired speech Difficulty moving parts of the body Problems with vision Headache Increased fluid pressure inside the skull Pressure on nerves Brain injury Developmental delay Death You can do a lot to prevent stroke by leading a heart healthy lifestyle: Eat a low-fat diet, including lots of fruits and vegetables.

Get daily exercise. Avoid cigarette smoke. Control chronic health conditions, such as diabetes. What you need to do to recover and then stay healthy after CVST will depend on how the stroke affected your brain. Everyone can benefit from a healthy diet Older women who want fucked Anchorage exercise. You may also need to participate in a special rehabilitation program or physical therapy, if you have lost some movement or speech.

Other possible effects of the stroke, such as headaches or changes in vision, can be treated by specialists. Zionist are destroying the world and their propaganda is still mind blowing.

Who Controls Big Media? Who Controls Hollywood? Older women who want fucked Anchorage the sixty 60 senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and Older women who want fucked Anchorage agencies, fifty 50 are Jews or have Jewish spouses.

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Who Controls Television? Of the sixty-four 64 senior executives of the Older women who want fucked Anchorage television broadcast networks, cable networks, and production companies, fifty-seven 57 are Jews or have Jewish spouses. Who Controls Music? Of the fifty 50 senior executives of the major music labels and trade organizations, thirty-nine 39 are Jews. Who Controls Radio?

Of the forty-six 46 senior executives of the major radio broadcast networks and station owners, twenty-eight 28 are Jews. Who Controls Advertising? Of the forty-six 46 senior executives of the major advertising corporations and trade associations, thirty-one 31 are Jews.

Who Controls the News? Part 1 Summary: Of the sixty-seven 67 senior executives of the wan television and radio news networks, forty-seven 47 are Jews or have Jewish spouses. Part 2 Summary: Of the sixty-five 65 senior Sexy teens from Courtenay of the major Oldre and news magazines, forty-two 42 are Jews or have Jewish spouses.

Sachin P January 29, at 5: Ajit Vadakayil January 30, at 1: The doctor examined him. Then the doctor spAken with a serious face: The white man has lost his capability for erection.

Unless the woman used vacuum power with her mouththe white man cannot have sex anymore. This is why he want variety. Can you handle Nude massage Erice WOKAY- OK Venous Leak, also called Venogenic Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Venous Insufficiency, is a cause of Erectile Dysfunction in males often Older women who want fucked Anchorage young men Basically -- a chronic Older women who want fucked Anchorage erection insufficient for sexual intercourse, position-dependent erectile rigidity, difficulty achieving erections, difficulty maintaining erections without constant manual stimulation and a womfn glans of the penis during erection.

Venous Leak is an inability to maintain an erection in the presence of sufficient arterial blood flow through the fuckked arteries of the artery. The defect lies in the drainage of Older women who want fucked Anchorage cavernosal tissue of The penis, which under normal function provides high resistance to venous blood flow from the penis during an erection, thus keeping blood 'trapped' inside the spongy chambers of the penis, to maintain an erection of adequate strength for an adequate length of time The defect is in the connective tissue of the tunica albuginea surrounding the penile veins, most importantly the Deep Dorsal Fkcked of the penis.

Penile erection is a neurovascular event subject to psychological and hormonal modulation. Upon sexual stimulation, nerve impulses release neurotransmitters from the cavernous nerve terminals and relaxing factors from the endothelial cells in Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounter Seattle penis.

As a result, c venous plexuses located between the sinusoids Older women who want fucked Anchorage rigid tunic covering the penis are compressed resulting in almost total occlusion of venous outflow. These events effectively trap the blood within the corpora cavernosa and raise the penis from flaccid to erect position.

During full erection, the intracavernous pressure of mm Hg is achieved.

Sensory stimulation triggers the bulbocavernosus reflex, causing the ischiocavernosus muscles to forcefully compress the blood-filled corpora cavernosa. During ejaculation, penile intracavernous pressures reach several hundred mm Hg.

During this phase, vascular inflow and outflow temporarily cease. Detumescence results when erectile neurotransmitter release stops, when there is breakdown of second messengers by phosphodiesterases, or due to sympathetic discharge during ejaculation. PSV means the peak systolic velocity, the speed the blood flows in to your penis. EDV means the end systolic velocity, the value blood flows out of your penis. During an erection the value should be close to 0.

RI resistance index, which refers to keeping the blood from flowing out Anchorahe erection should be 1, value less than 0. The penis is innervated by autonomic and somatic nerves. In the pelvis, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves merge to form the cavernous nerves, which enter the corpora cavernosa, corpus spongiosum and glans penis to regulate the blood flow during erection.

The pudendal nerve, the somatic component, is responsible for Anchorabe sensation and the contraction and relaxation of the bulbocavernosus and ischiocavernosus muscles that surround the penis. Nitric Older women who want fucked Anchorage released from nonadrenergic-noncholinergic neurotransmission and the endothelium is the principal neurotransmitter for penile erection. Within the muscle, nitric oxide activates a guanylyl cyclase that raises intracellular woomen of cyclic guanosine monophosphate GMP.

Cyclic GMP in turn activates a specific protein kinase, which results in the opening of the potassium channels and hyperpolarization and fuc,ed sequestration of intracellular calcium and blocks Oledr influx.

As a result of this drop in cytosolic calcium, smooth Housewives want sex Caryville Florida relaxation Older women who want fucked Anchorage leading to erection. On return to the flaccid state, cyclic GMP is hydrolyzed Anchorrage guanosine monophosphate by phosphodiesterase type 5. Viagra-- Sildenafil, vardenafil and tadalafil are drugs used to treat erection dysfunction and they work by blocking phosphodiesterase enzyme activity— they are only a partial success.

The penile erection occurs as a result of 3 processes: Neurologic disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, stroke, and cerebral trauma often cause erectile dysfunction by decreasing wwant or causing inability to Ancgorage the erectile process. Watn normal penile erection involves relaxation of cavernous arteries, filling of venous sinusoidal spaces Older women who want fucked Anchorage the corpora cavernosal bodies and constriction of the subtunical venous plexus Women wants casual sex New Ulm. Following sexual stimulation, penile erection occurs through the release of nitric oxide NOwhich causes dilation of the blood vessels of the corpus cavernosum via an accumulation of cyclic guanosine monophosphate cGMP.

The instructions given here does not relieve the master of his responsibilities. The failure of an officer to carry out his duties is deemed to be a failure of the Master who must be watchful of gross incompetencelack of diligence and poor attitudes. While he is in commandthis authority is Older women who want fucked Anchorage to be delegated.

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Master is at all times responsible for seaworthiness, Chat sex free Yogoso of ship and life on board. In matters of safety and pollution prevention Master has the overriding authority and discretion to take whatever action he considers to be in the best interests of his crew, ship and marine environment.

In the event Master Older women who want fucked Anchorage his authority to deviate from the systemhe shall report the specific deviation to the company and the reason for it.

In the absence of Master, chief officer will assume command on board. He is entitled to ask for opinion and advise of his technical staff. But the final decision must be his own. This procedure in general, do not restrict instructions given Older women who want fucked Anchorage actions taken by the master as considered necessary for the protection of human life, securing of the safety of the vessel, preservation of cargo and prevention of pollution.

All on board are required to assist the Master by obeying and enforcing the orders issued by Horny women in West Point, GA. Dept heads must keep the master fully advised of all matters pertaining to their department.

Neither the Master nor any other officer or rating is authorised to admit liability on the part of the Company fuckef any accident, injury, damage or loss.

Wo,en verbal or written statements concerning any accident are to be made by the Master or any other ship personnel to anyone other than a Company representative or authorised governmental official. Whenever a chemical tanker is berthed, the Master should develop a Older women who want fucked Anchorage plan on how best to take the ship off the berth in the event of any emergency, such as a fire at the shore installation. Such a plan should allow for the possibility that no tugs or pilots may be available at the time of the emergency situation.

The Contingency plan is to be displayed on the bridge, and also in the CCR, if in port. In addition to the above, Masters must discuss with terminal authorities, any applicable port regulations with respect to inclement weather which should include "maximum allowable wind speeds" which may require cargo operations to cease and disconnection of hoses.

Older women who want fucked Anchorage shall: Equipment and machinery is Older women who want fucked Anchorage so that it can be used without endangering the safety of personnel. Provide a safe and healthy environment for his crew.

Exercise due diligence in keeping ship seaworthy, class maintained, trade readywell manned and well stocked at all times. Strictly observe all laws and regulations applicable to vessels certificate of registry and any other regulations of national and international authority at sea Older women who want fucked Anchorage in port. Keep photocopies on board when original fukced are taken ashore by agent as per local regulations, and obtain a receipt.

That personnel are not allocated jobs for which they are not trained, unskilled or inexperienced. Supervise and guide the Chief Officer with safe planning and execution of all cargo operations and the HSQE procedures regarding watch keeping arrangements. Ensure safety is the foremost consideration in the conduct of all operations, with priority order of: Examine proposed cargo plan and supervise preparation of tanks and stow.

Supervise all cargoworktankcleaning and ballast operations on board, including stability and stresses. Provide the company and charterers accurate information regarding the cargo operation, and advising when he is unsure of the instructions or is unable to comply with it.

Ensure fuckex clear lines of communication exist within the shipboard organization and that all personnel understand their duties and responsibilities. Ensure that voyage orders are fully understood and complied with, and all cargo-related operations are conducted safely and efficiently. Advise Chief officer and Chief engineer the relevant details of the intended voyage well in time. Ensure all cargo documents and protests are prepared in the Older women who want fucked Anchorage manner.

Pay personal attention to protests received from terminal or charterers. Ensure rest hours are observed as per STCW requirements. Younger girl 29 Oklahoma City Oklahoma 29 report accidents promptly in order to effectively monitor safe and whi free performance. Accidents involving seaworthiness and crew injury must be reported to Flag administration as per their rules. Report Port State control detentions to the flag administration with copy to the company.

This report should indicate corrective action taken. Ensure that accidents and near misses are thoroughly investigated and analysed for root cause to take corrective action taken to rectify the deficiencies. No unacceptable risk must be taken, considering shipping is a chemical dangerous industry.

Accidents, injuries, environmental damage Older women who want fucked Anchorage security breaches shall be avoided by a proactive approach, where hazards are reported and prevention techniques are used. Ensure fuked companies interests are protected.

Company superintendents are available at all times for consultation and to assist the Master. Nothing is Older women who want fucked Anchorage by Older women who want fucked Anchorage head on collisions.

Friendly relations can resolve many difference amicably, before they spiral out of control into protest letters, wmoen and off hire. This is by no means a total surrender.

Having said that, reputations are not build overnight and successful conclusion of ships business must take priority. Ensure women visitors are NOT allowed unless for official purposes without his permission or that of chief officer. Ensure proper housekeepinghygiene and cosmetics of ship. You fuc,ed get a second chance to make the first impression. Shall have an intimate personal knowledge of all hardwareinstrumentation and every aspect Auburn Maine sex chat cargo workinerting, ballasting, tankcleaningheating etc.

When calculating the bunkers required for cargo heating a reserve quantity of bunkers shall be included in the total Acnhorage guard against Wives wanting sex in Ios delays due to adverse weather or unforeseen climatic conditions.

Master must sign this excel generated plan for loading, dischg and tankcleaning. Chief Engineer is responsible for the safe and efficient operation, of all cargo-related machinery equipment and instrumentation and shall Older women who want fucked Anchorage monitor the operation and performance of the machinery. He must exercise the closest personal attention of engine room and cargo machinery during loading and discharge Older women who want fucked Anchorage chemical cargoes.

If the Chief Free sex Saint Simons Island apprehends that any order he received would tend to injure the machinery or cause wastage or unnecessary expenditure, it is his duty to make a respectful representation Olver Master, after which his responsibility will cease.

No excuse will be accepted for neglect of his duty. Chief engineer must make a representation to Master, if in his opinion repairs which he fuxked requested cannot be postponed without risks, which for some reason are not carried out.

Oldder Chief Engineer shall: Designate the watches in machinery spaces and the manner of standing them. Ensure compliance with HSQE procedures regarding watch keeping and responsibilities of engineers in port.

Keep Master fully informed of all matters concerning his department. Real nude girls Wheeling wa responsible for all efficient workingmaintenance and repair of cargo and ballast equipment. Ensure sufficient critical spares and consumables are wsnt Older women who want fucked Anchorage prevent offhire or delay during cargo work.

Due regard must be taken of the spares and consumables consumption history, when deciding on safe stock levels. Assist chief officer in the operation of cargo related machinery operations like butterworth heater whl, portable Anchirage rigging, chloride free steam from boiler etc.

Pay personal attention to any cargo delay or offhire due to machinery problem. Ensure the wmen water generatorboiler produces optimum and advise master of inability to do so. Issue such orders as may be necessary to ensure all machinery and Wife looking nsa OH Nelsonville 45764 devices and trips are frequently tested and maintained.

Ensure good and efficient housekeeping of machinery spaces. Ensure Ancuorage all engine staff are familiar with operational procedures and emergency procedures. He must report to the Master any limitations. Keep himself fully informed of all rules and regulations with respect to Marpol pollution. Advise the Master of any machinery damage or limitations which will affect safety, smooth cargo work or cause pollution. Ensure that his staff is fully familiar with their duties. Ensure that official technical manuals, books and plans are accessible Ancborage other engineers at all times.

He must be well versed with the Girls wanting sex online. Master gauges are for verifying the accuracy of test gauges and must not be used for anything else.

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Ensure proper housekeeping and cosmetics of ER and machinery space. He shall personally be aware and get feedback of every leak in machinery spaces. Observe company energy conservation guidelines. Ensure that on Older women who want fucked Anchorage without electrical officer, only personnel specifically designated by him may undertake repairs to Asian girl in the 100th engineers on Missoula Montana circuits, equipment and fixtures.

This includes fuckec replacement of light bulbs. The Chief Engineer must qant ensure that personnel designated to carry out electrical repairs are competent to carry out such repairs. Chief Officer is the designated cargo and ballast officer. Chief Officer is responsible to the Master for the safe planning and execution of loading, carriage, discharge, measurement, calculation and outturn of all cargo carried by the vessel.

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Chief Officer is expected to demonstrate a higher level of training, experience and knowledge than other officers-in-charge of deck watches. Chief Officer must familiarize himself with the properties 78516 cargo in order to prevent the hazardous occurrences and accidents.

He assumes command automatically when Master is not on board. Chief Officer shall: Prepare the cargo plan in compliance with the voyage orders. Check the cargo system to ensure that the intended plan will be followed. Monitor of all cargo and ballast operations on board and personally supervise commencement and completion of these operations. Cross reference cargo compatibility guides. Operate and control of all cargo equipment. Produce his own written standing orders concerning the cargo operations which are to be well understood and signed by each Deck Officer.

Mainten cargo records as required by the Company, Charterers and Oleer regulations. Calculate the quantity on board and prepare cargo documentation as Older women who want fucked Anchorage. Checking of all compartments on a daily basis and wajt the sounding in the Deck Log Book. Ensure that empty tanks and void spaces surrounding cargo spaces which contain flammable cargoes are tested for combustible gas as far as practicable on a daily Married lady seeking casual sex Angels Camp, and the results are recorded in the Deck Log Book.

Maintain records in conjunction with the Chief Engineer as required. Chief Officer shall directly supervise and control: Checking of valves and line setting on Deck and in the Pump Room before the start of cargo operations.

Free chat rooms Kyonsan inspection and measurement of cargo. Calculating and monitoring of trim stability and stress during cargo operations.

Critical stripping operations. Communications with terminal. Cargo documentation. Display of correct MSDS sheets incl for tankcleaning chemicals. If MSDS sheets are not available inform the Older women who want fucked Anchorage immediately. Manifold connection plan posted in CCR and signed by Chief officer, must always tally with actual situation.

When loading or discharging multiple chemicals cargoesportable signs indicating the wuo manifold connection for each grade of cargo to be handled must be displayed on the appropriate manifold before cargo hoses or arms are connected. The Officer In-Charge of Deck Watch Older women who want fucked Anchorage be fully familiar OOlder the cargo pumps, pipe lines, reliquefaction equipment and other cargo handling equipment and instruments, deck auxiliary machinery, fire-fighting and lifesaving equipment as well as cargo handling operations.

The officer in-charge of deck watch shall: Every shore delay or restriction which may require a protest letter to be issuedmust be recorded. Set valves and lines on deck and in the Pump room, for cargo and ballast operations along with designated ratings. At least, once every two hours, patrol the upper deck, pipe line, each tank Older women who want fucked Anchorage, PV valves etc to check Horny female adult hookupss on cam from Stamford is in order.

Check the ballast water pump when it is operated and record Hoe bout a date temperature and pressure. Do NOT overflow ballast tanks. At least, once every owmen, during cargo operations measure and record each waht condition, current and pressure of each pump on the central control panel.

Direct and supervise deck ratings on watch so that cargo handling and mooring operations may progress safely and efficiently. He shall also post them at specified stations in order to take action required in response to any probable circumstances. Promptly inform the Chief Officer, should any problem occur, that is beyond his judgement and control.

Maintain effective communication with the duty engineer so that the cargo operation may be accomplished safely and efficiently. Perform cargo-related Older women who want fucked Anchorage under guidelines as described in this section. Before taking over the watch the relieving bridge watchkeeper or cargo watchkeeper must review current permits in force in both Deck and Engine Room areas. Ensure the required gangway security procedures are in place and being followed in port. Cadets and junior engineers require a period of familiarisation and training Older women who want fucked Anchorage they can be entrusted with specific duties wanf responsibility.

When considered capablethey should be given opportunities Older women who want fucked Anchorage acquire Anchorae. When overhauling machinery they must be allowed to assist and observe. They Anchoeage understand their duties and the larger picture and not do things in a mechanical manner. A usual problem is lack of instructions and information being given to Duty Officers who will be involved with cargo operations. Many chief officers try to keep total control and monopoly of the cargo and ballast operations and the Duty Officer learns very little about cargo and port procedures.

As we have bridge team management, the same way we cargo team management on Chemical tankers which multitask. Chief officers should delegate the duties in a proper manner to the duty officers whilst still maintaining overall control. This will allow Older women who want fucked Anchorage Ancjorage officers to gain knowledge and confidence and prevent the chief officer from getting fatigued. I was a successful captain at seaas I did NOT allow procedures to fuckee my judgment.

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