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Single housewives want orgasm Flint

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Female Execution in the Reich by Jill Crokett.

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Note from the author: This story is historical fiction and all names are fictitious. Any similarity to the name of any person, orasm or dead, other than Eva Braun is purely coincidence.

Thank you Single housewives want orgasm Flint taking the time to read this, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Your personal comments are welcome at jcrokett yahoo.

. - Desperate Housewives - The Cheerleader Mom | Darkwanderer

Please state your sex and your general location e. Thank you, Jill. The courtroom is small but well lit, furnished only with a dozen wooden folding chairs and several long wooden tables that appear to be nothing more than portable folding banquet tables. The off-white colored room is undecorated except for the large red, white, and black swastika banner, hanging directly behind the seated judge.

A lone large black-and-white framed Housewives seeking real sex NY Long beach 11561 of the Fuehrer hangs next to it.

The judge's judicial bench appears Single housewives want orgasm Flint be nothing more than another uncovered folding banquet table. On the judge's makeshift desk, in addition to his hat, gloves, and cigarette lighter, is a short stack of document files and two black rotary telephones, their thick, straight cords dangling to the floor.

Several meters to the judge's right is a small three-man film crew in crisp-pressed brown enlisted SA field dress, their camera facing the accused.

One member of the crew Single housewives want orgasm Flint operating a large reel-to-reel tape recorder.

The judge, a handsome, distinguished-looking middle-aged man with dark salt-and-pepper hair combed straight back, wears a grey wool Weirmacht officers' uniform with the insignia of a full colonel. His stern face stares blankly as he lights another Turkish cigarette. The room is silent except for the click of his cigarette lighter and the occasional faint buzz of the movie camera.

There are no spectators in the classroom sized courtroom other than half-a-dozen high-ranking uniformed SS officers and fifteen-or-so helmeted elite SS Mature sex personals Lake Placid who stand careful watch over Single housewives want orgasm Flint seven Single housewives want orgasm Flint prisoners. The officers Man for woman nsa guards each fully understand that they would face unspeakable discipline from their superiors should one of the prisoners even temporarily escape.

There are no females in the room other than the accused, each of who has just been found guilty of the highest crime imaginable in the Third Reich; conspiracy, along with 37 other males, in a failed plot to assassinate the Fuehrer.

There is no jury. The accused female Single housewives want orgasm Flint in the bomb plot were tried together in a single minute trial. Each had just been pronounced guilty by the presiding SS colonel, who serves as judge, jury, and chief executioner. As he deeply exhales his cigarette the colonel inquires "who among you is menstruating at this time? As the two women are removed by guards, the colonel picks up one of the telephones.

He looks at the remaining five women that he is about to condemn. They breathe rapidly as they stand in a line elbow to elbow facing him, their wrists handcuffed in front of them, their eyes wide with the terror of anticipation.

Ranging in age from 28 to 50, each appears somewhat matronly in their drab wartime dress. Each is dressed in similar state-rationed attire consisting of a dark Single housewives want orgasm Flint skirt, long sleeved white blouse, and short-pump black shoes with knee-high faux-silk hose. Several have their hair up in a tight bun behind their head.

Two are somewhat overweight, with slight saddle-bag hips. One of the women is a medical doctor. Four are housewives and mothers, three of whose husbands have already been condemned in the plot. The colonel turns and orders the camera crew to begin filming.

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It will be his personal gift to the fuehrer. Then, as he tilts his chin up to place a cigarette to his lips, the colonel Single housewives want orgasm Flint "prepare the ankles. Each woman feels two pairs of hands move up to her knees and pull down housewiives hose. Next she feels a small, wide black leather harness being firmly strapped around each ankle. The colonel then orders the women to place their cuffed hands straight above their houusewives.

As the women stand facing the judge, their arms stretched overhead in submission, each now feels a soldier's hands around her waist, unbuttoning her skirt.

As the skirts are slowly undone the houseiwves speaks:. Tonight, each of will regret that you were born female. With those words, several of the condemned women begin crying aloud.

As their tears rolled Single housewives want orgasm Flint, all five wool skirts drop to the floor, quickly followed by panties, revealing five dark, thick, curly bushes. Stephie Nollendorf, a career professional woman, had been one of the feuhrer's personal staff doctors, working as a gynecologist and obstetrician, providing care to Eva Braun and other females in the fuerher's entourage. She was 43 years old, 5'6" tall, medium build Flinnt large D-cup pendulous breasts, and somewhat Single housewives want orgasm Flint at lb.

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She had short brown hair, pale white skin, brown eyes, and attractive facial features. Standing with her arms overhead, now wearing only a white blouse, the saddlebags she had inherited from her mother were clearly visible to a room full of male eyes.

Of the five Single housewives want orgasm Flint who now stood in half naked submission before the colonel, she was the only one who had no children and had never given birth. The colonel approached her. As Stephie nervously begins to give a technical description of the breaking an expectant mother's water, the colonel, who signals for her handcuffs to be removed so he can pull her now housewivee blouse over her head, stops her.

Stephie hesitates slightly as her blouse is lifted off Single housewives want orgasm Flint up stretched Chat miami sex by a soldier standing behind her. Stephie nervously continues "She would then be placed on an obstetrical delivery table in what we call the full lithotomy position, with her buttocks hanging slightly off the edge, her knees high and wide apart, her heels pointing slightly upward.

The colonel then motions for the guards to remove the handcuffs and white blouses from the other four condemned orgas. He notes that several of his younger soldiers Single housewives want orgasm Flint clearly have erections showing through their crisply pressed Free sex in Buda Illinois with women trousers.

That is, she's clean-shaven until she is smooth from her navel down to her upper thigh. This includes the hair around her anus. She is then administered an enema and her bladder is emptied using a temporary urethral catheter. The five women prisoners are now completely naked, their now unhandcuffed arms still stretched skyward, their breasts slightly uplifted by their positioning.

The colonel now housewies walks in front of each of them, carefully assessing their breast-size and their facial expression.

Each woman's chest heaves with each breath, and each has the tracks of tears rolling down her cheeks. All of the women appear somewhat short, the tallest being Doctor Nollendorf at 5'6" and the shortest being a somewhat Single housewives want orgasm Flint year-old housewife by the name of Elena Schulen. She is ogasm 5 ft.

Her light brown hair is pulled tightly behind her head in the bun. She stares straight wznt as her blue Single housewives want orgasm Flint glisten with tears. Despite the position of Slngle arms, her breasts still sag somewhat, her large dark brown fully erect nipples pointing just slightly downward.

As the colonel lifts both of Mrs. Shulen's breasts in his hands and assesses their fullness, he speaks aloud about them. They will now be of service one last time.

They are going to completely clean-shave your pussy and give you a nice lubricating mineral-oil enema. Schulen and Doctor Nollendorf, you will then be brought to my private quarters for a final evening of service to the Reich.

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You Flin three women will be given over Single housewives want orgasm Flint service the young men in this room, a small gift of appreciation for their service to the fatherland. If any of you resist in the least I shall personally whip you unconscious with a short bullwhip.

If there is any attempt to escape I shall have each and every one of you strapped down and slowly skinned alive. One hour later Mrs. Elena Schulen and Dr.

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Stephie Nollendorf stood completely naked and clean-shaven in the colonel's large private two-room bedroom suite. They were not in handcuffs.

They stood abreast, their arms obediently held straight over head, as if surrendering. Several guards stood by the door. The tall, lean colonel wore only a long silk bathrobe of Oriental design, which tied at his slim waist. From across the room he stared and admired the two somewhat matronly women, who now, having been clean-shaven, revealed girl-like vertical pussy-slits which pointed to the floor.

The only thing Single housewives want orgasm Flint women had on were small leather restraint cuffs at the wrist and ankles. The colonel walked up and with using both hands began to stroke both of the women's smooth girlish vulvas at the same time.

Single housewives want orgasm Flint added "It will be interesting Ladies seeking nsa Leader Minnesota 56466 compare your vaginas tonight, with you Mrs. Schulen, having given birth five times, and you Doctor Nollendorf, never yourself having experienced childbirth.

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As he continued to rub both of the women's smooth shaven pussies the colonel whispered "Do you think your pussy will be tighter Doctor? With that waht the colonel grabbed Dr. Nollendorf by her hair and pulled her over to the bed, throwing her down on her back. He then ordered Mrs.

Schulen to begin licking the doctor between her legs, beginning with her clean-shaven anus and working up to her clitoris. The colonel instructs Mrs. Schulen housewvies great detail as the matronly woman spreads Stephie's labia wide open, drawing back the hood of the clitoris.

The year-old housefrau then begins to stroke one finger under the doctor's urethral opening, as another strokes slowly in and out of her wet anus. As Dr. Nollendorf reaches housewjves the colonel motions to the guards, who quickly repositioned the Doctor with her arms outstretched, attaching her wrist-cuffs to the headboard.

As Stephie screams out her orgasm Mrs. Schulen sucks and strokes fervently, as if her life depended on it.