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Woman for pictures only

Facebook lets you search for photos of your female friends, but refuses to play dice if you want to look up pictures of your male friends. The bizarre find was discovered this weekend by notorious Belgian white-hat hacker Inti De Ceukelaire.

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Meer zelfs: TNW has managed to replicate the glitch across several Facebook accounts. In our experience, these came from accounts and groups we did not follow.

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Speaking to TNW over the phone, De Ceukelaire explained that this incident was no different, and he stumbled upon this quirky little bug merely by chance. De Ceukelaire runs a site called StalkScan.

Over the past few years, Facebook has quietly scaled back its Graph Search, removing it from public view and making it harder to access. De Ceukelaire Woman for pictures only the social Woman for pictures only has taken steps to stop it from working, and over the past few months he has faced Woma temporary service disruptions. It was after one perceived incident that he noticed this weird quirk, fot by chance. Worse, he said, when he searched for photos of his male friends, Facebook would ask if he meant photos of his female friends.

The predecessor to Facebook was a deeply unsavory site called Facemash that allowed Harvard Woman for pictures only students to rate their female colleagues based on perceived physical attractiveness. Facebook has desperately tried to shed this deeply questionable part of its history for something more saccharine and innocuous.

It feels a bit like Facemash 2. The main difference though is that this is almost certainly an innocent mistake, rather than the product of dorm-room shenanigans. Facebook continues to adjust and remove functionality from Graph Search Woman for pictures only it figures out what to do with this moribund product.

As it goes through this process, mistakes will almost certainly happen. I should add TNW reached out to Facebook to hear their side of their story.

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